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Last person to post...wins....Is this really still going? =P Yes, yes it is. KN the best. Don't doubt my authoritah.


Kaleg Nar

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  • CoUstes -

    Liked Alhazred’s post in the thread The Achievements Of Nawlins And Sanmeat.

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    Tiger is gone, except when Hunter pretends to be him, and Hunter is almost gone too. Which is why I really don't understand Nawlins' refusal to accept reasonable terms and surrender. No one is coming to save hfx, things are only going to get worse for…
  • Highlander -

    Replied to the thread Treaties, Cultural, V4.

    100 CTs
  • Well I finally chewed through the glue and killed all the gorillas. (Can't have them making more.) P.S. David Attenborough is *urined*ed
  • Scythe -

    Replied to the thread Cultural Treaties Thread.

    Are people afraid to post a list of in game names, or does no one bother to come here anymore?
  • Ari -

    Replied to the thread Merger.

    Great idea Spidey, but instead of 1 year make it 2. It would be easier for the Gameforge to do that once in 2 years since they don't really care and forget us, long term players.
  • Ari -

    Liked Spidey Taak’s post in the thread Merger.

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    Quote from Turkeh: “[turkeh] It was actually something I asked when I found we were getting a new server. I was told that no merges are planned at this time (but we will continue to ask for one). [/turkeh] ” Quote from Ari: “Difficult times call…
  • Ari -

    Liked Gιαɴɴιѕ’s post in the thread Merger.

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    Not kidding at all; if I was Gameforge, I would take Spidey's idea and work on it straight away.For a number of reasons: 1) This should be fairly easy to execute on technical grounds 2) It won't hurt Gameforge's profits for Ikariam - people who play on…
  • Ari -

    Liked Mea1’s post in the thread Merger.

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    As it has been stated by several staffmembers already: No merges are planned, and when they do get planned, players will be informed. Until information is released, there are no merges planned. We all see the need for merges, but unfortunately it is not…