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Greeting from King Kuhn



Crew vs AuLux



Last person to post...wins....Is this really still going? =P Yes, yes it is. KN the best. Don't doubt my authoritah.


Kaleg Nar

GoCry VS Drke CR



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  • Mea1 -

    Replied to the thread Greeting from King Kuhn.

    Welcome back! I hope you will enjoy playing the game again
  • Khan08 -

    Replied to the thread Crew vs AuLux.

    Sea battle near Grappa (09.08.2018 1:19:11) Mizukage[CREW] from Blackhand, Danger[CREW] from Ahri, Khan08[CREW] from Dabbin, rest stop, El Cartel vs spartirron[AuLux] from Remaurian Ware, Xerxes3[AuLux] from Grappa, HUFFAKER74[AuLux] from HUFFAKER,…
  • Khan08 -

    Replied to the thread Crew vs AuLux.

    Sea battle near Doomhammer (14.08.2018 17:03:16) Khan08[CREW] from Klingon Empire vs King Craig[AuLux] from Pompeii, Lakewood[AuLux] from Chihuly --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ram-Ship
  • It's called abstract art. No one gets me! Also, when did my mother become ( <X ) British?
  • Trebon -

    Replied to the thread Crew vs AuLux.

    Still posting for Mikko: Took a tour of Danger's sulfur towns, found some stuff. Sea battle near CENTRAL SULFUR (10.08.2018 16:12:23) Mikko[AuLux] from taste乂乂 vs Danger[CREW] from CENTRAL SULFUR,…
  • Kaleg, I'm afraid you're failing finger-painting. Your mum will be very disappointed!
  • count_Dracul -

    Replied to the thread GoCry VS Drke CR.

    DRKE Battle for Fantastic Forth (12.08.2018 18:40:39) DRACUL[DRKE] from Polis, N Y W W vs Powerlord[GoCry] from Wine 1, N Y W, Soul Azylum, Naty,…
  • count_Dracul -

    Wrote a comment on Tyrion Lannister’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    cheers buddy
  • King Kuhn -

    Posted the thread Greeting from King Kuhn.

    Hey everyone, returning player here from a long time ago. I used to play Ikariam back when I was in 8th about 10 years ago. I was never really to deep into but now that I am back I am putting more effort into learning about how the game works and…