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The State of TRADE



-Z- vs STORM CR Thread



Update 7.10.0



-Z- Declares War on STORM



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  • CoUstes -

    Replied to the thread whoops.

    Slow clap for Rest 'n Relaxation. You finally scored a victory in this war and then you immediately went back to Palm Tree Island. Are you actually bragging about this? Here's something to brag about. Your Leader, Boogey Man, had over 25 million in…
  • PinkBunny -

    Replied to the thread The State of TRADE.

    I am not mocking you at all, I don't really care enough about this to mock you. It is true tho, you choose to be a 'pacifist' that uses board as his weapon, mentions someone's parents in a game that has no place for it and then claims bullying. I don't…
  • Kai-Czar -

    Replied to the thread -Z- vs STORM CR Thread.

    Sea battle near Red Deer (09.12.2018 23:36:05) Knuckles[STORM] from Walking Dead, MarioSimpson[STORM] from Brickopolis, Comet, Walking Dead vs Towlie[-Z-] from Red Deer, Cry about it …
  • Amonkira -

    Posted the thread -Z- vs STORM CR Thread.

    (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)
  • DarkxBadmans -

    Replied to the thread The State of TRADE.

    Greetings, Following the brilliant achievement of TRADE now being the #1 trading alliance on the server, I will also give a 25% discount on bulk order Crystal of more than 1 million units. If you are in the 50:50 - 90:90 coords and need Crystal, Send…
  • Azshara -

    Replied to the thread Update 7.10.0.

    Quote from Monk: “you should understand that they are not in game 24/7 and they have real life too ” There are 4 admins and if they spend at least 2 hours per day, each of them, doing their voluntary job, they could not miss this. 2 hours per day…
  • MosXerO -

    Replied to the thread The State of TRADE.

    Dear PinkBunny, Who are you again? I don't recall your name or participation on our server. I also find your suspiciously new account... well... suspicious. However, that is moot. You are very much entitled to your opinion, and I don't real find…
  • Fenrir -

    Replied to the thread -Z- Declares War on STORM.

    friendly heads up: knuckles and I have agreed that 1 hour is the start time. I have sent the gauntlet war request. Should it not be accepted in 1 hour, we will still begin attacks
  • Spidey Taak -

    Replied to the thread Ikariam: 23 postulates – an open letter to the Gameforge AG.

    I created an account on the Danish boards to direct interest back here to our domain and this thread. It was met with a load of immature crap that i countered and then I was told how I should use sub-headings and other crap to make my writing more clear,…
  • yes -

    Replied to the thread SERVER MERGE.

    Quote from BloodRain: “I've given up trying to educate the retards. It's time to speed up the decay of players. The ghosts of gamma will rise to make players quit and force a merge. ” lol - Old days of x