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  • State of Dionysus

    Indes - - Dionysos Agora


    Well currently, I am coming up with some ideas for a possible League involving voluntary alliances.Each alliance who joins would be placed in a ladder with 1st place starting off as the alliance with the most combined MS/Offensive points(Or something of this nature). From there each alliance can formally challenge another via a simple talk with the General/Diplomat of the other alliance and the team we put together to start the fighting. Where this differs from Gauntlet Wars is the committee we …

  • State of Dionysus

    Indes - - Dionysos Agora


    With the sub-forum for this world relatively dead, I've decided to hopefully start some life or at least some form of discussion here. As it stands, the top five alliances are currently occupied by: Reapers (GRIM), Savage (-S-), EVIL Inc. (EVIL), Horsemen (HSMN), and Sword of God (Sword). Out of these alliances, GRIM and Savage seem to be the top dogs. Rivaling each other in almost every category with Savage a very close second, every other alliance seems to be in the background waiting their tu…

  • We don't care about your piracy game. Gamer, anything you say from here on out is pointless. You suck. You are a coward as well. 6+ Colossus to maintain a permanent scatter from your enemies means you are a scared little turtle with a big account. Go find a shell to cry in.

  • Just because we consider the alliance(s) as a whole farms (because they were) doesn't mean we didn't expect some of the better players in their alliance to put up some fight. Kingdom of God was expected, but SMASH has Thien, Bluesky, Caval, and crap ton of far more advanced empires then our alliance and they couldn't handle us besides colossus or fleeing. Also UE being the way they were wasn't expected either. I thought that the alliance as a whole had some decent players (Edriss, Minder, Prayer…

  • The entire war itself was ''Meh!'' because none of the alliances even tried to fight us. Don't give some excuse like ''Oh none of us cared to fight Legion'' when you were doing so previously before any DoW was set. Legion continued to Loot and blockade towns, kill troops,etc. Only SMASH just after the war ends decides to do anything. Pretty disappointing.

  • Merger

    Indes - - Apollon Spam


    Merge Askelepios with Apollon!

  • "War will never be over" yet you only say anything when I say the war is over because none of you posted any CR's or attacked during said war. Glad you finally did something? I still consider us the winner, feel free to declare a war on us, We don't mind.

  • Legion wins

    Indes - - Diplomacy - Asklepios


    War Over. SMASH, Kingdom of God, and United Empire have failed to produce any CR's against Legion or even bothered attacking, so we will be closing out the war and calculations will be made on the CR thread in a final post. We will still persue the alliances for farming purposes, but the war is clearly ours. If any of the three find the close of the war to be unfair, you can always drop a DoW on us to take it back, we don't mind. That said, it was fun..I guess..Looting you all? Not much more I c…

  • As the war draws to a close with its obvious victor. I'd like to give Gamer the reward for completing the ''Ultimate Turtle'' achievement that is not showcased in-game(sadly). With a recorded 6 COLOSSUS' , x4 Warehouses in each town, a location far away from any other civilization, and date nights with every Piracy game capture run button he can get his hands on, Gamer continues to be a shining example of how GREAT Ikariam has become, he is truly an amazing SIM-City Ikariam Builder I wish more p…

  • Bad To The Bone [BONE]

    Indes - - Embassy - Boreas


    I feel a since of unease with this alliance on the ascent in our new World. Perhaps this will be my new home in the future...Or perhaps I will find my self enemies of conflict. Whichever way it goes, I can't wait toenjoy the new server with you all. :pump:

  • As of now a ton of UE members are sitting with coconut trees. Admitted by Shini, we drove Baltha (The leader) into Vacation mode as well. They failed to defend one of their top Military players, Prayerworker, from 5 hours worth of fighting. It wasn't that the alliance was not aware, but that they failed to do anything to help him. Prayer, you are seriously undervalued there, it should be illegal! Offer was made to allow them to surrender in the absence of Baltha , but they want to continue, so w…

  • forgot to post these two days back but they are some loots off XVDO during this war. (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content)

  • Talkers they shall be..

    Indes - - Diplomacy - Asklepios


    @Scythe, Well, we just had a full buffet dinner at Prayer's towns a little earlier and we invited several UE but no one showed up. Want to explain that? Or are you not into giving which alliance you belong to either? Baltha and Edriss sat there watching the CR stack damage only to bring no troops, no ships, nothing. Instead we had a SMASH multi come visit, who still ended up losing against us. We have to take on three alliances, and from what I see, no other alliance seems to want to get involve…

  • We came out to play for Prayerworker. I have some building to do but you can't buy back Spartans! (Y' least until they sale them again haha) Some take aways, I don't understand why Baltha nor Edriss had any UE reinforcements come to Prayer's save, despite being in the battle for so long, and yes Baltha re-entered the field several times with 1 Hoplite to see the status of the battle. Admittedly his forces are great and Prayer is a top MS player, that is why it was so awesome to take the…

  • I think I have plenty of wine coming from all your allies. Gamer oh Gamer, where art thou Gamer? Oh I know, stuffed in one corner of the world. Meanwhile somewhere in the World of Asklepios in SMASH towns... giphy.gif

  • Yes we do 1 vs 1 fights, but others love sticking their nose in said battles: SMASH, UE CR thread shows we don't run, we retreat. Difference between running and retreating is that some people on this server (SMASH/UE)like running away from troops all over the islands. We've been doing pretty straight so far. My constant berate on Kofg and this DoW by Legion as a whole has caused them to drop around 30-40 members in the course of One month so I believe everything we do is working. For a blantant …

  • I am watchimg the war on Alpha as well. I'm saying, I dont speak for -LAW-and from what I see, they don't want to be in a war then so be it. They'll DOW if they are really interested. You should blame whoevers alliance you are in for conspiring against us together. At least WE DoWed where several times Kofg and SMASH had opportunities to do so. United Empire is only involved because they directly protect members of their alliance who have 200 MS scores with several thousands of resources un-prot…

  • @Scythe, What is your IGN and whose alliance are you with? Again, just like with Gamer, I'm not understanding why you are upset. We haven't seen any war in this game besides GAGO's in a long while, and you are complaining and being upset despite having two other alliances to work with. What did you expect to happen when you all decided to tag team us as a trio? Why would I declare war for -LAW- when I do not have the permissions of their alliance to say they are on our side here. If Joker's grou…

  • I don't remember anything going that way. When I was blockaded both our alliances were on ceasefire and attacks were not happening. I haven't been blockaded by your guys for a long period of time since December when we went into a hiatus as an alliance for holidays. Remember? Same time as the ''Legion vs SMASH'' CR thread. That's why I even asked to be unblocked because neither alliance was fighting so there was no point and I had a GR to upgrade with the wine there. Still no comments on the joi…