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Ikariam team

  • Alliances External Pages

    I Am Sentence - - General


    Hi, Dead Pegasus here again. I've browsed lot's of alliances just for looking their external pages, in old ikariam seeing external pages was really nice, lots of imagination content and lots of stuff, but now i see there's not too many alliances that have a nice external page, even though they are top alliances in the servers im playing now. As a player wanting the community to be nice and productive, i offer myself to design and create external pages if any alliance wants one, I'll do it for fr…

  • Treaties, Cultural, V4

    I Am Sentence - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    4 Slots Available! US - Alpha Server Player Name: I Am Sentence

  • Hi everyone, in-game I Am Sentence, but in almost everything else Dead Pegasus, i started playing ikariam in 2009 with my step brother, he was an already experienced player member of a non existing alliance nowadays called Black Rose if i remember well, after we started higher demanding education courses and professional activities we both stopped playing, he is retired from the game till date, but i was constantly founding my way back to it in someway or another. About 1 year or 2 i created an…