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Ikariam team

  • Im just busting on ya a bit.. thought it was more in jest... i hoped someone helped themselves to my goods . I would of been disappointed if no one took the millions of free goods if i ghosted. ... i know this game became all care beary since i started in dem 2.8 days but i hoped people didnt completly forget how to hit the pillage button. Anyways nice lil sea battle last night to hors. Was fun for the 15 or so rounds i was on for..

  • Its okay OG.. gameforge happens... the last update aint playing nice on my one crashes explorer every 15-20 min tonight... though i aint been around for a month never had those issues before worse case scenerio though an old script became functional again and somebody doesnt like you ... dont worry going to die a fools death tonight ...reason being is cuz... on positive side the battle im in with my rag tag navy turned it slightly in our favor. but thats what i deserve for leaving for a month mr…

  • Really could use you old guy lol ... clear your history use another browser or update java... i dunno but get online the party is at your house

  • Rate the signature.

    mikeyzakaskme - - Fan Art


    Truthfully i feel that the sig is decent maybe a 10 on your scale of 20 but i dont feel it matches your persona . I think you have to have one incorperated with a lil ''putty tat'' it goes with ya much better i think.

  • Holiday Thread !

    mikeyzakaskme - - Beta's Whine Cellar


    [ HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MAYA!!!! THE GREATEST FOKer EVER!! which is saying something since there is another 1 here :P

  • I personaly prefer the phalanx much cheaper cost .. but those old timey steams were a thing to marvel at . Trolled many of times when i was a little guy.. they knew how to build them better back then.. Guess they lost the blueprints from then due to some scorched earth....but with enough docs them phalanx's did some mighty good work

  • Combat report a BAD Update ?

    mikeyzakaskme - - Achive - Ny


    Cool im not the only only one who is f'd. Thought it was cause i played on my xbone.the old one was buggy with cr converter and detailed report but atleast it displayed correctly every now and then. Atleast its good to see its comunity wide thing and not a eff mike thing. Gameforge has thrown many of bales of hay on my poor camels back. Starting from the 3.2 which they still went through with even though they had 10k plus signature petition not to ..... does GF still have 10k unique players anym…

  • Hey i might of over reacted about the war thread post a little bit BAMcBIx but thanks for seeing my view. BUT posting a war thread you struggled with against a alliance a fifth your size just made it priceless Felix

  • Awe the little kitty cat feeling frisky? Thats so cute i want to pet the kitty. What happened to your old name anyways ? Also your rocking the wrong tag

  • Lmao felix are you trying to threaten an unaligned 1mil player with those threads.. You want/need to bring the might of 130+ member alliance? The carebears feeling a little hornery today? Wow unless im missing something behind that post, that looks bad. No more board for a week for quote] Quote from Jack Shot: “Quote from Oink Oink: “To be continued..................................................................................................................” Hopefully in only one fo…

  • Pillory

    mikeyzakaskme - - Alpha Lounge


    Cause GameForge ... that does suck for you though hopefuuly it gets resolved quickly for you if there was no impropriety on your end... OMGZ!!!! 23k resources

  • world populations

    mikeyzakaskme - - General


    Quote from not not_Bugmeat: “All the us servers have about 1200 actual active players +/-. I'm probably being too generous. Many of these players play more than one world. So, there may be as many as 4000 actual people playing this game on the US servers. It's way more than the number of players who play any other such browser game. But, not as many as played in March 08, for whatever reason.” Lol im on alpha and beta there is 3500 alpha n 3100 hundred on beta i would lean towards probably 2300 …

  • Congrats on your first post there grow.... im looking forward to your next one... This new thread you speak of... is it a good bye thread to the members who came to join Yall started with 50million more ts then us and now is like 10million below us ... that would be a nice thread. Hell ill go work on your general some more Or how about we surrender thread . Unless you really want a fight to the death. For the most part its been just killing stuff. People really hate when the pillagi…

  • GDA v. TBP War

    mikeyzakaskme - - Epsilon


    Maybe you shouldnt have left the game... you could of prevented this atrocity.... maybe.. but alas again your not here.. you should do something about that cat. Seems like you check in still. Plus with the recent pirate update. The game just got super intense and awesome again

  • Are you sure ... let me put it better are sure your mates want that. I know you are indifferent being destroyed and farmed. You sure your alliance can deal with that. I havent even put my overalls on yet. Guess its time to go tend them luscious fields i hear your alliance have there. But when you decide in the coming weeks to bow out in defeat i hope you are not the only one left. Plus as history has told you so far Dark couldnt defeat us dark and r-a couldnt do it. Dark ra and true were fallin…

  • Flames Nards or anyone else from one. Whenever you want to admit defeat your welcomed to post here and state as much. We are starting to feel bad for yall in FBOMB. We feel no one should be taking the pounding that you guys are receiving's just wrong. We have been noticing alot of vmoding going on and we are not trying to run people out of this server. As that would make for a even more dull server then eta is already. So please for alliance mates sake and well possibly the alliance as a …

  • CR and spam thread CITY vs BAD

    mikeyzakaskme - - Epsilon


    Since i hate the wait time in posting crs i might as well do it here and make it spam also Bad is very farm filled and they wont even fight back .. I would of ended this boring war already if i didnt keep getting CRs like these.. Battle for Nŏvo Kaamelott (20.05.2012 22:30:51) mikeyzakaskme from makaylas place vs SurferPixies from Nŏvo Kaamelott ------------------------------------------------------------------- ................................ - Slinger................0(-1).... Swordsman.......…

  • CITY declares war on BAD

    mikeyzakaskme - - Epsilon


    Deathstroke who the f is you..did i cause you some butt hurt? Because your name doesnt ring a bell at all... Anyways im starting to think me and kass are wasting our fighting talents . Though it has been good couple days of work. Our travel agency been busy had 3 "BAD" members booking vacations with a couple more contemplating taking one also ... Though might be making a new friend with a "old timer". Seems not to be able to keep out of our business. Guess hes trying to show off and try to impre…

  • CITY declares war on BAD

    mikeyzakaskme - - Epsilon


    As general and acting in presence leader of CITY we declared on BAD for perpetuating "BAD" behavior and well it made Me and Kass just want to destroy this alliance.. Since they like to multi attack players . Time to feed them some medicine Also a side note..As this is probably the last war ever for CITY and previously called SITH. So as it is I plan CITY to go out with a bang ...Le Seul and his alliance messed up "BAD". So its time go back to my roots here. To show this so called "BAD" alliance…

  • I want my 5.0 too!!!!

    mikeyzakaskme - - 2012


    Okay thanks and yes i see the people hating alot about the new interface so im not complaining