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Ikariam team

  • I believe that KofG is bullying LC due to the size of its alliance. We should all declare war on them to teach them a lesson. Why declare war on a alliance that just started playing on the server?

  • Interesting spy report......

    The Skull - - Spam Archive - Ny


    It's funny how Razzer and Fernandochino say they are not working with BXS, but god, they do like to chat all day.............. Even when working together, they are still struggling against skull? Razzer is working with BXS while untagged? Is SKULL this good? Do these alliances need to gang up on a smaller alliance to beat it? :huh: ?( Sender: Subject: Date: Receiver: [20:25] arch Message 28.03.2016 21:02:14 [89:25] BigED [89:25] BigED Message 28.03.2016 20:58:28 [23:34] fernandochino [23:34] fer…

  • Hello, I have created an alliance and welcome all members who are interested in joining a alliance that will focus on the military side of the game. There is no requirements atm because the server is still new and everyone is still small. Thank you for your time, The Skull.