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Ikariam team

  • You fly into a rage at everything. This is why you're in this mess and can't get out of it. I wouldn't worry about my butt if I were you. It's yours that's going to get kicked. And btw, there you go again, dragging RL into it. Nobody cares that you're gay. Nobody cares that I'm a woman. Irrelevant to the game and irrelevant to why both LOST and HoR are after you. It's your behavior that's an issue, both in the game and now on the boards. But oh well.... p.s.--Weren't you one of the ones who gang…

  • Missing the point

    Komiker - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    What's RL got to do with this? Play the game, don't play the victim. A wolf pack called KAPZ has met a wolf pack named HoR. And the HoR wolf pack is smarter and stronger. End of story. btw that post was 518 words with a reading level of 11th grade high school. Should be easily read by anybody over the age of 14 in about 2 minutes.

  • Step 1: Hendrik and Dracul bully Old Guy of FBOMB because he took piracy points from Dracul. Step 2: LOST notices this and decides to step in as FBOMB is still wobbly from a bruising war with Hor, and because KAPZ's leader earlier claimed his alliance policy was no military retaliation for piracy raids. Step 3: KAPZ attacks HoR players because they perceive them as helping LOST. KAPZ also recruits GLOBE and VNS players to assist in its war effort. Step 4: HoR and LOST begin coordinating their ef…