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Ikariam team

  • HELL vrs HFX

    Cola(Boreas) - - Combat Reports - Beta


    The fact that this is stil going on, is beyond me. HFX... how hard can it be to fight back?

  • Spartan STORM Newsletter

    Cola(Boreas) - - Agora


    So whenever anybody reports being attacked you're gonna make a forum thread calling for a holy crusade? :OOO

  • This is hilarious.

  • Zombie i think Thoroes, perhaps Gendry since it looked like The Hound was using his warhammer, Seems like Jon will be very close to dying though. Still wondering how it could be burning that far up in the north, unless a certain type of beast shows up

  • He might see the life for the common people, and realise what Cersei really is. Wondering about Quyburn tho, he's gonna need to come up with something more.

  • MIGA VS AE - > CRS

    Cola(Boreas) - - Wars - Boreas


    Quote from alicetran: “I dont even know why i got banned ? lmao ! they cant even provide me the evidence! ” Regardless of how you act inside the game, they should deliver the evidence obviusly.

  • Quote from Alhazred: “The youngest son of Balon Greyjoy will from now on be known as Reek. I was willing to forgive him before but this is the second time he's left his sister to fight alone. ” tbh there was nothing he could do, with a bit of luck he'll make it back to Daenerys and she'll know what happened.

  • Hmm thats right about Euron, but he is the best pirate, so i think he just knew Daenerys had taken residense in dragonstone, and he might've been waiting for them, but i doubt Varys leaked it, he has no reason to want Cersei and Euron on the throne, really looking forward to the next episode. The preview suggest we see the scene wher Sansa walks away from the tree in Winterfell,and she looks rather troubled, could be she made a move against Littlefinger.

  • What i found the most interesting was probaply the Arya - Nymeria scene, if u think back to the trailer ''The lone wolf dies'' It could be reffering to Arya. Very good episode though

  • Quote from Alhazred: “Something has to break the Wall. For lots of story reasons blah blah blah, I just want to see the shot when that giant chunk of ice shatters and crumbles from coast to coast. With that said though they still have to fight and defeat the White Walkers long before the army of the dead leaves the North. Since they can reanimate anyone they kill to serve in their own ranks it would get out of hand very quickly. Dragons are cool and all that, but a swarm of literally millions of…

  • tbh it'd be really boring if Tyrion was a Targaryen aswell, i see how it would work story whise, but let the lannister be a lannister,. ZombieGuy - while that is definetly something possible, i think Scary Snowman is gonna take the wall down, with the mark on Bran, but that's not something i can back up Looking forward to the 2nd episode, how about you guys? u hyped?