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Ikariam team

  • Is Alpha Dead!?

    TerraLingeringSpirit - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    Hendrick. the sad excuse of a leader. not only is he a sore loser who doesn't accept defeat with dignity, but also forget that his alliance has helped him fight and how sco says "he claims to fight alone". no one should have this sad excuse of a fighter in their alliance. in fact he shouldn't belong in any allinace except one that he makesup and no one joins. nobody deserves to join his pity alliance nor does he deserve to be in one

  • What's amusing when I was attacked is that loi, a member of KofG, had the nerve to demand the resources I pillaged from him even though he was the one who attacked me, and also that I am more experienced at fighting than he is. I may not be an advanced fighter as more experienced WLS fighters are but I atlas know how to cover my flanks and use long ranged units.