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Ikariam team

  • I'm past bothering to reply. Every time I might have proven one of you wrong you just turn to insults or summon your buddies... Until I see that has changed, so long. Now, to figuring out how to block this silly site. Maybe I can concentrate on what I should be doing rather than wasting my time on some...I prefer not get banned.

  • Weener, the Gr-Al DOW clearly states the war is damage-based. I have seen a minimal amount of CRs against Gr-Al itself in any of your threads. In our thread, we are winning and that is obvious. Maybe someone might bother counting, but it's kinda obvious we are winning in that thread. And the only one of you who posts in that thread is NVader, and the reason we 'whine' as you call it is because out of ALL of his posts in the thread ZERO have involved a player with the Gr-Al tag. Mirta. That is wh…

  • Quote from Draco and Solon: “Insult me... Quote from Draco and Solon: “I can pretend I care... ” ” If only I could install an automated reply system.

  • Insult me... Quote from Draco and Solon: “I can pretend I care... ”

  • I think it was always obvious which side would resort to blatant insults first (hint: wls).

  • I think we all know which side is moaning.

  • Erm, that is what I said. But when it comes to pillaging, if you're letting yourself get pillaged whether or not active or inactive it doesn't make so much difference. Since if you're truthfully active then you wouldn't let yourself get pillaged so much. I think there are some targets Gr-Al has used for pillaging who are actuall active, but have given just as much as inactive targets. As I have already said, I began this thread to introduce myself. To make the thread vaild I posted some battles …

  • I'm afraid you're out of luck, no inactive players in Gr-Al. So you won't see us moaning about them being attacked.

  • You said it first.

  • Whether you pillage active or inactives makes little difference. Whether your attack with army or navy actives or inacitves does make a large difference. Either way, it's not something to brag about. And I have not. I simply posted a bunch of pillages against inactives. And then stated the numbers to show what damage I made. No 'great victories, no 'i'm a great fighter'... Actually, no, there wasn't and isn't. For one, my troops weren't even fully upgraded. And still aren't.

  • That's not the case. If an alliance has weak links, then those weak links will be taked advantage of. I'd be surprised if you aren't lying. I've been in quite a few wars myself, and weak links, in particular inactives, have pretty much always been taken advantage of. But the alliance of those inactive players, i've never seen moaning so much. Gr-Al declareed that war, what makes you think you can suddenly decide the rules of the war declared by a different alliance? Cauught red-handed? Are you k…

  • One winning CR against someone offline and unforged for the most part, great work. I'm not even in PHNX. I am in Gr-Al. The DOW said pillages over 10k may be posted. No mention of inactives. I don't need to answer your 5th sentence again. Anyway, as I said in the other thread, why don't you keep calling me names so I can pretend I care...

  • The main purpose of a CR thread during a war is to show who wins on damage or is winning. You seem intent on saying I painted it as 'great victories', that's silly. I simply posted a bunch of CRs, then stated the numbers. The DOW, CRs with over 10k loot may be posted. No mention of inactives. I don't think I've ever seen a war where damage to inactives is not counted. Only alliances which would declare a war with those terms would obviously be weak ones which don't kick their inactives. Anyway, …

  • Attacking inactive WLS farms, during a declared war and posting the CRs to add to the damage tally. Call me dishonourable or a joke, but it remains the fact that this is an official war. I'm not cheating in any way, so quit moaning.

  • I have not been claiming any 'great victories'. The fact is, this is a declared war. The point is to make damage, and show the damage in the CR thread so it can be counted. It's your fault that you have half a dozen inactive players in your alliance being pillaged constantly. Alliances have lost wars because of inactives, but I've never seen them moan like this. It's pure foolishness. The fact is pillaging only requires logging in every hour and a bit. Rather than staring at a screen all day. Th…

  • It's like a level 1 Forge from Gameforge this is.

  • Weener. War has been declared. War is war. If damage is damage. By making damage to the enemy I have increased my alliance's lead. Quit moaning. Whether or not active or inactive is irrelevant, it's the tag that matters.

  • It is an official declared war. It's not my fault I found some easy targets. This is war and every easy target is an opportunity to further increase an alliance's lead in damage. If you don't see 7+ million resources pillaged here I don't think you've looked too thoroughly. A declared war, is a declared war. So quit moaning. I've lost wars with alliances because of inactives, but I never moaned to the enemy. That's just silly.