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Ikariam team


    Aeolus - - Boreas Spam


    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?


    Aeolus - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    Quote from Mirta Kierstan: “Priorities.[/b] The Leader of a major Alpha alliance has to have priorities. King Bruxe has them. While LOST is trouncing his players in battle after battle, King Bruxe has sprung into action--to protect his capture points! King Bruxe has found the time and resources to fight ITALY during BP's war with LOST. Look at 39.84, where Bruxe is blockading the ITALY town of nove (player name Ginol). Ginol ranks 148 in capture points. Wonder why King Bruxe is fighting him and …

  • Quote from JuneBarcarolle: “Greetings outeryou. I have no idea what it is about you that causes people to associate you with Starman/Aeolus so closely. But Elmo is not the first player to somehow draw that conclusion. Apparently you've had this issue long before you ever came to Alpha. Maybe you should re-evaluate what you're doing that leads people to believe this? ” Cut the crap June. outro asked a real question. Next time, give him a real answer! Not start an inquisition to torture a noob. eL…

  • Djakon, This is my ticket number with support: 15346358 Can you please publicly confirm in this thread I am not King Mike or outro? Thank you, Starman

  • Post a picture of your words from the threatening pm you sent to an innocent player earlier!!! I have a copy. Especially the 'OR ELSE' part. You had better believe it will be going around the servers like wild fire. What are you afraid of? Maybe it will be the server that gives YOU permission to quit. YOU have quite the history post-merge bullying players out of the game. I'd hate to go through the archives. There is probably a list a mile long. I am pretty sure you don't have the right to decid…

  • Quote from Turkeh: “In regards to your last statement; I feel sorry for you. One day, maybe not today or tomorrow, you'll find out you are being duped. I know I warned Elmo long ago about Starman. He's duplicitous and he's always been a bully. I have proof, but you'll need to pm me in-game for it as I won't post PM conversations on the boards where they aren't allowed without consent. ” djakon, The bold in her reply is her admission she crossed the line. There are support tickets Turkeh handled …

  • Another EPIC moment!!!

    Aeolus - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    My OP 715,993 c0ulypwl.png WLS OP 644,531 6o2lux9x.png I suggest wls and "not the same(but are)" begin negotiation to end your being farmed and dominated by noobs . For some time, eLeAcHaDoRk manages to login every two or three days to send a dozen slow boats while his citizens are . Not sure how that is even a war at this point. BUT the wls' have more than their fair share of delusional members. I am beginning to think their punch was spiked with fentanyl. Starman

  • Turkeh, I see you kept squirming over Skywize. You don't remember him at all. I showed many people a saved conversation which clearly proves you to be a liar. So, yeah you need to be fired. Your off duty conduct is more than unprofessional. Don't think I can't read between the lines where you use your position with Gameforge to pass confidential information about players to eLeAcHaDoRk in game. It didn't go unnoticed. I am pretty sure you would resign on your own if there were any shred of decen…

  • hv3kg9tp.png I have received a few reports of eLeAcHaDoRk trolling players in game about my growth. I doubt this hurts as much as the 5M loss to me. Seeing wls fall from the #1 TS position is well worth slower growth. The first time during the war wls fell to the #2 position, my lead on the server increased by 1M in the following 24 hours. Anyone who believes in Kharma knows what this means. I sure am having fun ACTING like wls and treating wls players the way we are treated. I haven't met one w…

  • eLeAcHaDoRk - Kozyreva!

    Aeolus - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    Quote from Aeolus: “On the 7th, eLeAcHaDoRk ” That was about 8 days ago. Accounts become inactive after 7 days, correct? This is too coincidental to ignore: Kozyreva_inactive.png Time for me to update the wls inactive list to find other "coincidences" .

  • Quote from zhandhaii: “if we total damages from different threads including VNS and GR-AL. you will see that WLS loses. this is the only thread they post their winnings. hahahah ” Good work zhandhaii! It explains everything. On the 7th, eLeAcHaDoRk starts the moaning about damage on inactives before he dumps most of his military for gold and QUITS playing(no buildings built, no donations made[as if a leach would do that], no research completed, negligible change in MS and no gold pushing market …

  • Oh, June. There was never mention of KAPZ when Skywize requested permission from Turkeh to leave WLSa and verify he was leaving as a member in good standing. Here is the obvious: 1. Turkeh doesn't remember Skywize 2. Turkeh saw KAPZ in my signature. 3. Turkeh assumed, because of my signature, Skywize had joined KAPZ Lets face it. She doesn't give a crap about any real people in WLSa(like there are any). She cannot remember a member who was on their roster for over a year. Her feeble attempts to …

  • Turkeh the LIAR!!!

    Aeolus - - Diplomacy - Alpha


    Quote from Turkeh: “he was a friend ” Do you lie about all your friends like this? LIE 1 Quote from Turkeh: “I'm glad you pointed out Skywize, as he messaged me on his initial return and told me of his intention to join KAPZ[/b]. ” Skywize was NEVER a member of KAPZ. Any KAPZ member can verify this. LIE 2 Quote from Turkeh: “I wished him well but warned him that KAPZ was a warring alliance, ” How the hell do you warn someone of an Alliance they were never a member of? LIE 3 Quote from Turkeh: “a…

  • Oh, Turkeh. Where is the apology from eLeAcHaDoRk for bullying, our mutual Ally, Skywize out of the game? Or is the lesson here this: Anyone leaving WLSa will be forgotten the second they leave because we don't really give a crap about anyone other than ourselves!!! This wasn't the river you are supposed to be crying me. This is really rich: Quote from Turkeh: “I actually *don't* because we aren't the same thing as WLS ” Allegedly you claim WLSa is the Academy of WLS. Everyone knows eLeAcHaDoRk …

  • OMG. Is there really still moaning over inactives? These are the first wars I have ever heard so much nonsense. Efforts to make anyone feel guilty over following rules is deplorable. Starman A Trump deplorable

  • You are another lying clown "formerly" of Alpha server who can't back anything up in reality. If you really knew the facts, you know you can't win a single battle against my IP Share accounts. Do everyone a favor by quitting for real, instead of faking it. Bullies like you are not welcome here!!! Starman

  • Quote from weeener: “I kneew you are scared of me ( remember epsilon LMAO ) but that you keep track for almost a year since I gave all my accounts away. ” Too funny. You spam CR thread without a CR about multi-accounting and in your very next post on the board confess to multi-accounting. Pretty tough to remember the events on a server I never played. You MUST have some really good weed today. Keep smoking it, your genius machinations are shining through. I won't be holding my breath for real ev…

  • Quote from weeener: “Starman is even faking his HoF posts and v mode ” Where is your proof? I know you never did 5M damage over an opponent in any war on your own. Since you were Alpha's greatest fighter EVER, Starman MUST be faking it. LOL!!! weeenie_the_joke.png Everyone is waiting with baited breath for you to show us size doesn't matter(once you get out of rehab, of course). You will impress the Alpha ladies with your extra belly button when you come to beat on them again. Starman

  • They are really waiting on LOST to boot their inactive players to help them keep the #1 spot. Lost_inactive.png June better step in line fast before a family quarrel starts wls without inactives: 1,157,048,635 LOST with inactives: 1,138,683,546 20M points really isn't much breathing room at their level. 50M points would be much better!!!

  • Just a bunch of sore losers moaning over their inactive players being looted instead of booting them. And their typical innuendo's of illegal multi-accounts to excuse themselves. Starman