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Ikariam team


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I didn't Pwn the Frontpage, What I did was...

1 597

Kaleg Nar

That was an interesting storm!

4 478

Spidey Taak

Best government for power levelling an account

3 1,099



4 582


Premium Trader Purchase - Give Us A Slider Option

0 304

Why wasn't Ikariam Mentioned in the 2016 Look back Video by gameforge?

31 2,786


Nomocracy exapnsion, why it's so resource efficient vs non-corruption expanding, worked example.

0 534

Allowing Players to donate Ambrosia to other players on a server

1 486


HONOR's Loophole vs GOCry's DOW

21 763


Emit Yppah Repus

0 139

1512 Rounds Later...

1 279


No Cookies for MosCo, Cookies for Everyone Else! :D

7 335

Spidey Taak

Building a Strong Account - Infrastructure, Play Style, and Politics, a Guide

5 1,744


"Achievements" making No Logical Sense, Punishing existing max colony accounts etc

3 584


Building Animation In Shipyard When Units Are Being Trained

2 187

skull king

Post Server Merge - Changes to retain new players on servers without the servers dying off as they do now; Godmode/New Player changes

0 96

Hulk Smash Spideerrrrpp....urrrrr...durrr​r.

21 744

Cookie Monster

I got bored of donating, so I attacked stuff - SpideyTaak (---) Vs Jimmy (VN-A)

3 282


Ambrosia Total replaced with SHOP bar ingame - can we have our totals on that tab again?

4 489


A Question for backspace on behalf of many players on our server

2 248

Spidey Taak