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Ikariam team

  • Bug when attack inactive player

    Dalek - - Bugs Archive


    Quote from Mea1: “Inactives can still have army. Are you sure that there are no troops in the town you are trying to pillage? If all your troops die in the first attack, you will get the report "your troops have been reported missing". I would suggest you send more troops in order to see what is in the town, and win, or spy on the town to see the troops actually there. ” Had this message just now attacking an inactive I've attacked at least three times before. Sent plenty of mortars to break his…

  • Newest Creation

    Dalek - - Fan Art


    Very nice. Hopefully the art section of the forum will come back to life. Seems it's been empty for awhile.

  • Cultural Treaties Thread V2

    Dalek - - Diplomacy - Ny


    10 CTs available Search: Dalek

  • -X- War Spam

    Dalek - - Boreas Spam


    Best of luck. Nice to see someone has kept up -X-.