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Ikariam team

  • Sorry for my inactivity last night, will be more active when I get home

  • Was he the only mafia? as there have been no mafia kills and how the heck did they get him, his supposed lack of activity? I assume if it was a mod kill Jasper would have said Jasper hasn't mentioned the number of players left or the number needed for the lynch This whole night kill is confusing

  • i think my vote already did rup

  • I know its my responsibilty to make my own decision. I am thinking along the lines of we would be gaining more info by lynching than no lynch. I hope we are not at the critical stage where a mislynch would mean curtains for the town. Unvote VOTE BAKA

  • just over 7 hours ago jasper announced L-1 with less than 12 hours to go. Does that mean we have 5.5 hours approx to get lynch or was it a lot less than 12 hours and jasper couldn't or wouldn't work it out? We need to know for someone to decide whether not a no lynch is important enough to either not vote or change their vote.

  • I know its all possible but seems very improbable. I know there are a lot of different roles that could have been distributed

  • Quote from Abduln Quote: “I picked up on something rather interesting on the Wikia, Mafia-Immune Serial Killer (116) You are a Mafia-Immune Serial Killer. Abilities During the Day, you may vote for whomever you want lynched. Factional Kill: You may kill one player each Night. Mafia-Immune: You are immune to nightkills performed by the Mafia faction. Win Condition You win when all other players are eliminated or nothing can prevent the same. Maybe we have a Mafia-Immune Serial Killer among us? Ma…

  • @LM I gave up on the turkeh thing hours before I went to bed, Jasper can you give us exactly how many hours there is to go rather than less than 12, that could be theoretically up to 11 hours 59 mins, so isn't really that helpful I need to think more about baka once I am more awake, read back through all the posts

  • True about not really gaining anything, will leave it for now, see what other evidence comes out.

  • @rup lying is scummy behaviour, especially if it means we miss out on a lynch by one vote

  • Sorry it has taken me so long to post today, I have been reading, typing and getting distracted all day :( Without any evidence to suggest that there is mafia, as in no killings, I have my doubts there are any or none with killing abilities, which makes there role redundant. 2. Turkeh - not entirely convinced she told the truth about not being able to vote today, if she is lying and she is scummy would be to her advantage to take out and experienced player 3. bamcbix - experienced player that co…

  • I was asking the other players rather than Jasper. Wouldn't that be interfering in the course of the game if Jasper confirmed or denied it? If it is being used as a strategy

  • Has anyone considered that Turkeh may not be telling the truth? Could be she is misrepresenting the truth to avoid having to vote, which would make it harder to get a lynch If that's the case the argument that shep is using on bam, an experienced playing taking out another one in Heather would apply to her as well

  • @ LM the main reason being, as I have no idea how the night actions work, I assumed if player is killed his night actions wouldn't go ahead

  • Is that just for the day or the whole game turkeh?

  • My first reaction the night kills That's interesting, no mention of how the woman died, just that the body appeared suddenly, alien killer maybe? Presumably if the body had been there before he would have noticed it earlier. Someone might be able to correct me about a mafia kill being some sort of weapon? normally gun? We have at least 1 more warewolf by the looks of things

  • Turkeh - last post approx 35 hours ago, defends bam early on after lurking accusation post #36. last post didn't have a lot of substance in it Abduln and amneal not very active, and when they do post not saying a lot 5. Frozen Angel seens to hold a grudge and carried on with her suspicions about me long after it was necessary, thus distracting everyone from really scum hunting anyone else. Joking about a wanting to lynch an observer seems scummy Why warn us about an observer that can comment as …

  • @kaleg, I hit enter send on my earlier post, without adding my vote, didn't think I needed to explain my vote. I am still unsure about FA, but for now I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for now

  • As FA did exactly what I was planning to do if that had been me close to being lynched, so for now I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Lets hope we wont regret this. Luckily the day phases are 72 hours Unvote frozen