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Ikariam team

  • [Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

    MaulICE - - The Mafia Game


    My vote still stands.

  • I'm waiting to see exactly how people react to someone actually saying that people should play the game properly. Hans, your comments caused me no problems, don't even try going there. It's the "Oooh, he's not nice to me so I will ignore him attitude and the if I don't want to answer so I won't cause nobody cares that people don't communicate in a game of communication." There's no point in trying to push someone if they hide behind a shield of apathy from the majority of players. Hit people whe…

  • [Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

    MaulICE - - The Mafia Game


    No. I've played this game for a long time. Well before you started. When people actually gave answers and wanted to play the spirit of the game. When actually not responding was seen as negative. Nothing to do with "heat" it's about ignorance and people being to chummy during the game, that's what the spam thread is for. You aren't Scum hunting, you're playing with your buddies. That's not how the game should be played. Any other of your comments are pointless as you will just try to justify the…

  • [Intermediate+] The Island [Game]

    MaulICE - - The Mafia Game


    Quote from HaNs Na MiTrAljEzU: “On a more serious note, @hari I did vote Maul because I found him to be overly aggressive and too defensive when confronted, and I still stand by my choice. Drk, Sharpe I don't really see a point in that OMGUS discussion, you only went back and forth with it, nothing really came out of it. ” Not defensive, I was explaining my stance, there is a difference, its why we type replies which everyone else seems to not need to do. Guess I was wrong coming back, I suggest…

  • Thank you for making me the main discussion of the day, quite an honour. Problem Is, it means the baddies are escaping under the "I don't like him (psycho p118) banner." AND you still haven't given a real, game based reason for your vote, you stand by it (p145) but why??? And "Mauls being aggressive to me (Sharpe p124) so I'm going to vote for him!" (paraphrased) Sharpie, did you stick your tongue out when you made that post? No, I haven't been pushing you anyway near hard enough, yet. Psycho se…

  • Then why bother playing a game which involves writing and answering questions?

  • Ignoring a question is no longer, ummmmmmm, wrong?

  • Quote from Frozen Angel: “from what I remember from you, you were a very discussion maker/pusher type of guy. or am I miss remembering ” FA remembers my style, Hans, why don't you? @ Psycho, if you want hostile , I can give it. Now, answer the question. Why do you have no/any opinion about anyone except the one challenging you? I'm not playing the game as a friend, I see everyone as a baddie until they prove otherwise. START PROVING. @ Hans, I gave my reason regarding that comment, are you skimm…

  • Bam, I was referring to your first post of this day phase. My concern was whether you were being heavy handed or actually angry about the other comments. One is town the other isn't. For now my read on you is more town. Psycho, you have every right to vote for who you want but is that the best reason you can come up with? I did ask you to give a reason, perhaps I need to clarify and that the reason should be game related. Why do you have a problem with being challenged?

  • Psycho. So, there's no reason to vote for someone, what are you going to do to find that reason? Sitting on the fence and letting everyone else do the work is poor game play. Try explaining why there's no reason for Now. @ Baka, your use of English is so good I don't accept your reasoning that it's a second language so we have to give you lots of benefit of the doubt. @ Bam. I didn't vote for you (yet) you aren't being scrummy but I did note what your first post was. Just monitoring. @ Sharpe, I…

  • Strong stance to take Bam, the story talks of a "spooner" during the night, that does suggest a role block/protective action to me. I would have thought you would have been more positive in seeing that. My other wonder is why Sharpe spammed that we "we're little further than yesterday". That's a lot less to any than going "super happy" about the activities that happened and that everyone survived. Bam --- aggressive interpretation. Sharpe ---- casual ignorance of events. VOTE Sharpe. I expected …

  • Ohhh Sheepy, that's exactly why you make votes. To see how people react to them. I didn't like Sharpes call, I voted to see any reaction that might come from it, are you standing up for someone you're buddied with?

  • Quote from Frozen Angel: “NAI is not alignment indicative RVS is random voting stage : the contentless period of day 1 when people won't discuss anything about game. it will usually end when someone starts asking questions and/or some wagons form and people go under pressure. from what I remember from you, you were a very discussion maker/pusher type of guy. or am I miss remembering ” Oh yes, I can get down and dirty when the bits between the teeth, usually wrong though but, oh well. It does get…

  • Hi FA. Good to see there's still some activity here. I've totally forgotten what rvs means I'm awesome as ever. Not quite AJ but close.

  • No chance of turning into any type of insect. I'm a goody, a goody, goody, yum, yum. (Google it) And no, you can't still eat me. I do know about some certain teeth though, although, its not very exciting. I blame the.......... Unvote SheepDog. Vote Sharp. Bad timing deserves its consequences.

  • Quote from Sharpe12: “As opposed to every other vote? ” Timing dear boy, just the timing. Who fed Baka the weird juice, not the Baka I remember.

  • FOS Sharpe, gratuitous spam vote.

  • Do we get the "why people do/don't want an extension" conversation as per normal? Keep vote on SheepDog, he isn't bothered by having two votes. Scummy!

  • Agreed, where is Baka?

  • Quote from PsYcHoTiGeR: “Checking in. ( Slips Hans a new pair of dentures) ” A bit short of content, would you like to add something to start us getting a read please.