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Ikariam team

  • Goodbye Firefly

    BabyFirefly - - Board & Community News


    I've been with this community a long, long time and it has been an excellent journey to watch it grow and change over the last 8 years. Fortunately, in the past couple of years, my life has also changed a lot. I started a new career and also started a family, welcoming my daughter into the world 4 months ago. My amazing fortune in life leaves me with no time for the best Ikariam community ever existing, unfortunately, and so I'm here today to announce that I'm stepping down as Admin. It's been s…

  • Seriously

    BabyFirefly - - Game


    Age and size of account don't matter, only the number of accounts per server that you have. So if you have a 5 million account and none others, and no one else from your IP/household plays this server, you can create 10 additional accounts on that server. It's only the number of accounts on the same connection per server that matter.

  • Seriously

    BabyFirefly - - Game


    Honestly? He might not know the answer to give, and it's really better that he doesn't give these answers. Mods don't enforce game rules so they don't have access to the same guides that GOs do, and vice versa. If he were to give an answer it would be speculation, and could very well be the wrong answer which could then get people banned. Just like how these two players had completely different view points, the Mods don't have any insider information into game policy that would be able to give t…

  • Seriously

    BabyFirefly - - Game


    What do you want clarification on, exactly? Let's do it here?

  • DOW - HFX vs Crew

    BabyFirefly - - Diplomacy - Beta


    Quote from Alhazred: “Creating new accounts to block spots on an island is illegal? How? As I understand it as long as you properly link your accounts with the IP sharing treaty you can settle your cities wherever you like.” Correct. Think this was simple miscommunication. Getting clarification isn't bad and it isn't something that we want to shut down. You guys should know the rules if we're going to be enforcing them, and so it is important to our team that you're aware of why we do stuff. We'…

  • punch-face-l.jpg

  • I've had a bad couple of days so this is the first chance I've had to get on again. @imnotgosu, even if I bothered to explain to you why your logic is fallable, I don't think that you'd understand. And even if you understood, you would not likely admit it. Every post you've made in this game has been silly. Your logic, "Not voting makes you scummy" immediately followed by a vote, was weird to say. Period. You consistently demand other people, who have contributed more than yourself, give lovely …

  • Huh. I wouldn't have suspected Kaleg as a survivor role. Good job, Kaleg. @imnotgosu, you make me want to punch myself in the face repeatedly. <vote imnotgosu>

  • Quote from Jasper: “Let's also consider Shep's behavior. At the beginning of this Day, Shep told us that Hans was the reasons why he has Icegirl in his sights. So then I asked him, if Hans is really the primary source of his suspicion, then why did he go after Icegirl, let alone go after aurther too, during Day 3 when he could have at least pursued Hans, the source of his suspicion, on Day 3? He gave us a very funny answer. He told us that he went after Icegirl because during that Day, the focus…

  • @Jesse, she said she changed out two players who were both dead and it was fine to explain that. Why would she not also express the same about Frozen, given she's dead? You're being kind of weird. (I think that was Jesese? I tried not to mix up Jesse and Jasper this time!) @Jasper, I'm sorry for not being active today or yesterday, these are my days in classes. Have to try to squeeze all classes in and it's pretty hard to find time to post. My thoughts: Damnit. I've been suspicious about imnotgo…

  • I don't honestly know. Nothing short of a roleclaim would do it and even that would be suspect. I've been thinking about it all day when I'm supposed to be coding state reporting. But, given she hadn't posted, I thought that she should be given some time to defend herself. Someone pointed out that a cop role would also show this way, and this was not something I had considered last night at midnight. I was curious as to what her reaction would be. <lynch icegirl> Had plenty of chance to defend y…

  • Thanks cyal, I read this post I just didn't find it particularly compelling so I figured he meant a different one. As stated before, it isn't only killing roles who may show up having a gun. So my decision still stands. If we aren't at a lynch in about 2 hours when I leave work, I'll go ahead and hammer. I'm hoping icegirl posts before then, though. I know two hours isn't much in the way of time, but she's had a lot of time to this point, also.

  • If we have ten hours, then we don't really need to rush into this vote. If she doesn't answer within 3 hours, then I say that it's done. But I'm also thinking it's not terrible to give her those three hours. We've already lost several powerful pro-town roles. Is it really that necessary to rush into what could very well be another one? If nothing has happened from her by 2 when I leave work today then I'll vote for her, unless someone beats me to it. (Which I'm going to assume is the case. imnot…

  • I'm not sure how much time is left in the day phase? Can we get an extension? Maybe she'll post. If she doesn't post soon, I guess we won't bother waiting. Is that what you meant, Jasper?

  • That's a bit wishy washy of you, Jasper. You were the one who pointed out that there are alternate options and say you wanted to hear from her. Unless I'm mixing you up with Jesse, which is possible. If so, my bad! (I'm at work so sidetracked and my PC is churning through too much code so it's fairly laggy. Still better than my phone.) However I do completely agree about imnotgosu. As soon as I saw it, I was glad that I had unvoted at just the right time. (thank you bathroom break!) A hammer vot…

  • Sorry for double post. On my phone and no time to wait. I meant to unvote -_- stupid autocucumber

  • When I voted last night at midnight I didn't consider the cop possibility. Only a killing role possibility. As jasper said, I'd kind of like to hear from her before she dies.. <invoke icegirl>

  • Note to self: You're way too tired to read and take this in, at the moment. Go back to post 606 and reread to this point. @Reila, your list kind of surprises me. 1) someone that has been given a lot of heat, 2) someone you seem to have a personal qualm with, 3) someone who has pressured you a bit Wonky dude? @Jasper, I'm not ALWAYS quiet. I posted quite lot yesterday. Skimmer! *pinch* @Shep, there's a lot of pages to read. I think that voting for someone for skimming is kind of mean. Why he woul…

  • That's the problem there, Jasper. I think the problem isn't in his alignment but in his ability to keep up. To be quite honest, it was really hard for me to keep up, too. There have been 6 new pages since I posted 20 hours ago, so it's kind of epic active. Which is great and fabulous! But I can see how it would be difficult. At this point it doesn't matter. I'm tempted to just hammer it and get it done with, because it's likely to happen. But I think that he's town, and I'd rather abstain and ho…

  • Quote from bakakadassa: “It has now come to this: vote Psycho or "do not" vote Psycho. Simple 2-way choice. In other words, if Psycho won't get lynched today then we will have no lynch for the 2nd consecutive day.” See, this is bad. Why would a mafia member post a vote without a reason and then not bother to defend themselves? So yeah, it's always "vote for this person or don't", but I'd bet money that Psycho isn't mafia and just either doesn't care about the game or got busy. So instead of seei…