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  • Dummy Packages Question

    Black Scorpion - - Game


    No they dont increase the military score

  • Bashing rule removed?

    Black Scorpion - - FAQs and Guides


    Yes: Game Rule Clarification Guide

  • Incorrect arrival time

    Black Scorpion - - Bugs


    It looks like the problem depends on the timezone set for your browser. And the calculation only works right with UTC+2 If sb needs a fix for right now, you could install an addon for changing your browsers timezone. (eg.…ange-timezone-time-shift/ utc+2 is there-120, or…ajflfolhelachlflngdbfhboe )

  • Quote from Gonrax: “Can we do it directly? And if no, can we do it through trading post? So ill sell him 500 of crystal and he will sell me 500 sulfur for the same price? ” No the system will block that, so there cant be direct interaction between two players with IP sharing or the same IP. Quote from Gonrax: “what does it mean when battle report is showing blue? ” There was a fight in one of your citys, but you did not have a unit (also no wall) in the combat.

  • Damage to wall

    Black Scorpion - - Game


    your atillery will focus one segment, but some shots will hit other segments. But i think this is not what you're after. Between two rounds the damage done to the wall will be distributed equally to all not destroyed wall segments. So let's say the enemy has a wall lvl 30. => 1600 HP 120 armor You have 6 motars without forge with gold upgrade, so one hit does 273 dmg. => You do (273-120)*6 = 918 dmg. The enemy has 7 wall segments => 7*1600 = 11200 HP So you get (without scattered hits, so all hi…