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  • First!

    Dr Weezy - - Eirene Spam



  • Back Again...

    Dr Weezy - - Player Introduction


    Welcome back. I’m in new server also

  • [HoF] PH vs. -Z-

    Dr Weezy - - Wars - Boreas



  • -IV- DOW on VEX and -HH-

    Dr Weezy - - Diplomacy - Ny



  • I can see that this is gonna continue to go back and forth also cause of pride from both sides. What I’m getting at is if you guys wanna end the war it’s a right and wrong way. If This is gonna continue then I guess we are gonna just have to make another CR thread named -S- and DU30 forever clash or something cause I’m not letting up on leechers. I’ve used dirty dirty tactics before and this war I used 0 just to see how things are nowadays but as I can see that I should have used my dirty tactic…

  • I have no problems growing. Trust I can grow fast if I wanted......and so -S- are barbarians heehee. The name fits you all so well

  • Also let’s not mention how most of the big talkers here attacked and fed off players in DU30 who were kicked for being inactive lol

  • it’s funny Dyanapa.....everybody thinks your the leader and we are your puppets bahahah. It’s funny when people honk they know it all and really know nothing

  • I’m confused. So normally when a person has “No Skill” they wouldn’t win a fight or battle so if he has no skill or if DU30 has no skill then how have we been the number 1 alliance in OP for about a month straight now. Also if you wanna be honest and speak about truth check out the CRs and see how much our actual FIGHTERS for this war damage was and check how much damage you guys did against people who didn’t even participate in the war. Yes I Kicked many many people during the war cause they di…

  • 7marre you got crushed and yet still wanna talk. Please use more of the general button and less of the typing buttons.....ya dig

  • Funny part is you guys wanna keep saying excuses when we have said no excuses. Is it not the truth that you are LARGER, BIGGER, and higher in research? .........Your talking to yourself in circles. We accepted why we lost the war but you sound idiocitc again.......what I’m saying is there is a right way to end a war and a wrong way. You say it’s over yet continue to leech and do war like things so I don’t in what right mind made you think that the war is over.

  • No worries. You guys really sound idiotic. Your asking why a 150k player doesn’t stay in a BIG fight with a 200-500k accounts. Obviously I can tell you guys have no brain. Your hoarding huge militaries and of course a lower account can’t hold that much so why would we sit in a fight and get our units taken out. See if you had any type of brain you would know that a larger account can grow troops/ships faster. Also you guys out number us so it’s called strategy you nut not running. You Have 0 com…

  • So you guys want the war to end but wanna continue doing war things. Hey welp guess I’m gonna still continues to attac k and 7marre you get obliterated and say he sucks. So if he sucks and crushed your military what does that make you

  • I’m not understanding how a war can be over and no conclusions or anything. Lol no terms no fine line or anything. I’m the diplomat and we’ve had no contact smh. The problems of the reason of the war isn’t even fixed or spoke of so we did all this for nothing .......Now lets speak about the leeching of you members doing our miracles. That won’t be tolerated. We have came to No terms or anything. There are still things to be discussed before you can just call off

  • 7marre you are welcome to 1v1 me after the war if you would like.....and it’s not called running it’s called being smart.

  • Battle for Marble 2 >(10.08.2018 18:47:19) >Buckshot[-S-] from Treyson >vs >RHDP[DU30] from Marble 2, Marble > >--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >............................................. - Spearman................................1(-0) >............................................. - Wall....................................0(-7) >Sulfur Carabineer.....................140(-0) - Sulfur Carabineer.....................230(-0) >Swordsma…

  • I see an even greater war between DU30 and -S- in the far future. One that will be better to talk about And ehh you could say Bellator. I just recently finished my contract in the military two weeks ago so yea time took a big factor but I won’t let that be an excuse. You guys got the best of me this time but next time I will be more ready. Timing is everything

  • Aben your a joke please keep your mouth on hush. Yes we lost but don’t push it. Your still farms who got farmed in and out of resources the entire war. My attitude hasn’t changed towards you guys. I still don’t like your backstabbing and no moral having alliance ways

  • Nice to see old name and He isn’t the only. I see it in many alliances (Cough Cough -S- Savage Diaper Queens)