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  • I am speaking on behalf of SWORD and MsA. We decline this declaration of war. Our combined points total is about half of yours which means that S can sustain 2-3 times the military scores. Although bad odds ar not something which will hold us back. We ask of Savage to let us rewrite the war terms to make things a little more fair. Unless you don't want a real fight. As said above you behave as bullies who picks on smaller alliances. We won't back out from this fight even if you are too chicken t…

  • Because we wanted to do this war fair and square we even left their inactives alone. Although in ER there isn't a big difference between active and inactive. All the battles we lost were because of our own mistakes not because they tried to do anything back. Our alliance has learned a lot in this war(if you can even call it that) and next time we'll be ready. I'm proud to be a member of MsA