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-S- vs MsA and Sword Spam Thread

90 632


[WAR DECLARATION] Savage (-S-) vs Mithras Army (MsA) , Sword of God (Sword) Limited War Declaration

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Dr Weezy

BXS Official Declaration of War against VIETNAM (VIET)

11 +2 291

the demon

Great Deffending

12 236


MSA vs ER Combat Reports

31 256


(War Declaration)[Victory Savages (-S-)] Limited Duration War Savages (-S-) declares war on Duterte (DU30)

23 +3 944


(War Combat Reports)[Finished] Savages (-S-) VS Duterte (DU30) War Combat Reports And Damage Calculation

26 458

mr -x-

Ikariam Community Discord Chat

1 446


Who is at war with whom

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Who is at war with whom

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Why AEON wants war with BS Kings

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Timur Lenk

Declaration of War XIII vs -IKS-

5 +2 571