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  • oTicket - How to use it

    Welcome to the guide to the support system at
    To Enlargen Pictures, Just Click on Them

    When you go to this link you will get a screen that looks like the image below.

    After you make it to the support page, you will want to click on the second tab, that says, "Contact support" in order to file your ticket, as seen below.

    Next, you will need to decide who to submit your ticket to. The Board goes with questions about the boards or the Mods, the Game goes with any questions about the game or questions for the GO's, and Payment is for any questions regarding payment. *Note - When clicking on Payment, you get redirected to

    After which, if you have chosen Board, you just fill out the information in the form. However, for Game there are a couple more steps as shown below. When you submit a ticket to the game side, you will need to select who you want your ticket to go to. If it is a question about a ban or a general question, you will just want to select which server you play in. However, this is where you will also submit tickets to the Sgo, the Admins or submit your application.

    After you have selected your server, you will finish filling out the form. It is self explanatory that you will want to put the subject of your question in the subject and describe what you are inquiring about in the description. However, when you fill out the nickname and the e-mail, please make sure that you fill out the exact nickname and the exact e-mail that is tied to the account you are inquiring about, especially if you are inquiring about a ban, as the GO's cannot discuss with your ban unless you have the correct e-mail filled in for your account.

    Also in here, you can submit any screenshots without having to upload them first to a photohosting site, by attaching it. However, if you are inquiring about bashing and you need to submit more than one image to the GO, you will still have to upload it to a photohosting site like or as the ticket system only allows 1 image to be submitted with the ticket. With a photohosting site, you can just attach the direct link.

    For information on how to take screenshots, see here: How To Make A Screenshot

    After you hit submit, you will get an e-mail from Game Support that will give you both your Key and your Checksum. This e-mail is important, and you will not want to delete it as you will need it to check up on your ticket, reply to your ticket, or see any replies to the ticket. Also, it is important because if you forgot to say something in your original submission of the ticket, you can add more to the original ticket with another response.

    If you want to check up on your ticket, or even add to your ticket at any time, go to you will want to click on the 3rd tab, on Ticket History. Here is where you are going to need that Key & the Checksum from the e-mail. You can just copy and paste them in the proper spot.

    After you get a response to your ticket from the person you submitted it to, you will get an e-mail that will look something like this. In the ticket you will see the response and such. If you did not keep the confirmation e-mail, you should get your key and checksum on the response to your ticket.

    After you check up on your ticket, you will get a screen that looks like the below image. When you want to add the ticket or respond to a response, go to the top right of the Ticket History and click on the Send reply button that is in the red box.

    Guide written by Merly

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