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    Ikariam team

    • looking for alliance

      im at XXXX i have 2 islands 1 at 3 and 1 at 1 i have access to sulfur and marble ( looking for clan dat doesnt mooch off my resources too much) plz pm me if u have 1 i can join (same in game name) one town is on schiemiios name is puerto rico and my other 1 is on loyios nams is san juan

      no coords on the board


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    • :hi: i'm tipa at XXXX to be honest i don't have the embassy yet

      The post right above you states no coords ont he board.


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    • Looking for a Strong Alliance 2x:6x

      Looking for a strong alliance (meaning many experienced members) that is generally around 2x:6x. PM me if you're interested :)
    • As people seem to miss this, I'm repeating it in all-caps:



    • Alliance (The AlaMoe's) Tag: Moe

      Would you like to join my alliance called the AlaMoe's?

      Our placement is: 580 (1,345,444)

      We have 8 free diplomacy points.

      71 Phalanx, 55 Ballista ships and 27 Ram ships - that's just my army.

      526,969 Gold, 30,318 Building Material, 8,609 Wine, 9,041 Marble, 8,682 Crystal and 7,063 Sulfur - that's just my resources, as well.

      The main focus of our alliance is on our defense and economic mechanisms.

      We strive to achieve greater economic standards, while building large armies to help defend our towns.

      We do not believe in having war against other alliances. We are a peaceful alliance.

      We do not believe in retaliation. We believe in preventing possible pillages and attacks from happening by building large defensive armies and higher level walls and such.

      Those that seek shelter and wish to focus more on economy rather than war are greatly appreciated in our alliance.

      To join, you must either break up your current alliance, or disjoin the alliance that you have joined.

      Then, click on Search for Alliance.

      Under Name put: AlaMoe

      Under Tag put: Moe

      Click on the fist under Actions.

      We're located at Scheyreos[3x:5x] town: MoeTown

      If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Or, you can IM me on MSN or Yahoo. MSN: Yahoo: wildflowerneu
    • I finally have my Embassy built. I'm looking for an alliance that is more about peace and trading than war. I have a wine island and a crystal island (wanted that Academy upgrade) and am looking to eventually, hopefully, get a marble island. My score is 14,848 so far. I'm on the Alpha server. Just look me up if I can be of any asset to your alliance.
    • Looking for alliance with anyone around a wine island or glass iland
      Im on a marble island an my coordnates are XXXX its the second islandin the center with Ares as the wonder.

      Thakes for rading my post

      [/color=red] No coords on the board please[/color]
    • Looking for an alliance

      Hey I'm looking for an alliance.

      I'm pretty new to the game I've been playing for about two weeks.

      Towns Levels: 12, 10, 8, and 2

      In the top 5000 of the high score.

      Any other questions just ask you can pm me in game same name.

      In the 6x:x range
    • I am looking for a alliance that is interested in attacking other villages,so I am NOT peaceful.I LOVE to attack people.It doesn't matter who it is. :D

      Name is same in game.
    • I am looking to join an alliance, I am fairly new to this server and I am located in the 7X:0X both lows. So if you have room for a noob, let me know

      IGN: airmail5261
    • looking for alliance, have 4 towns, 13, 14, 16, and 20 sized, museums and intermediate army size with large capacity for more defensive force. seeking peaceful but protective alliance of friendly, mature players, located in the 60s and 70s
    • HI guys, I'm new to the game, I've got a size 6 town and brand new town on the way, grapes are my good, and marble soon enough. I'm looking to jumpstart my town with benificial trade, maybe a little military support in the future too. I'm in the X:7x Y7x area, and only interested in someone fairly close.
    • looking for a good alliance

      Hi i'm kelley and i am looking for a good alliance to join. I currently have two towns (sulfur and crystal glass) and am looking to join an alliance.
    • I'm a member of a small alliance in the 8x:4x (Island Tureutia, Alpha server) that's actively seeking new members at this time. Do drop a line to the alliance leader (City United States) if you're interested, or to me, either in game (player name is same as user), or PM me, and we'll get something set up!

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    • im looking for a strong alliance, not necessarily offensive (always going to wars) but has to be able to win wars. I have around 25000 total points, and im on the second page in generals. I have islands on for all four luxury resources.

      Im on once or twice a day now, but if i find an active alliance it can be more. Im not a hardcore player, but im consistent. Right now im still looking to build up, but if there are wars, i will contribute.

      im around 3x:6x
    • RE: Looking for Alliance in 3x:7x area

      I do not know your area, or if you have found an alliance. However, I am located at 23:77 with members scattered about. If you would like for me to tell you some of their coordinates to see if you are close to them, then I will do so. Please respond to this message so that I know rather you have found another alliance or not. btw my alliance is called JewSA
    • EVO Alliance Is Recuiting Members

      ALLIANCE: Evolution [EVO]
      LEADER: Young Lord Chen
      SECRETARY: Tershadow
      STATUS: Peaceful :)
      MEMBER: 3/12 (OPEN)
      DESCRIPTION: EVO is the group of players that willing to take the task and make this world better. We offer help to other members, defend our alliance if they under attack... We dont believe in start any war with other alliances, so make it peaceful. For join us just seach for us on ally page. (Post here or PM me in game for more info.)
      MEMBER REQUIREMENTS: Members must be active and in the peaceful condition. The application must have main city that level 8 or above. Willing to help and take task from leader or any officers in the alliance.
      P.S. my main and sub cities location at 45s

      .:. Join Our Server - Join Our Alliance - Join Our Battles .:.