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    • Well depending on the game... townies do pm each other. Normally as long as the pms aren't during night phase than it's ok.

      The more important question you have to ask yourself is, would you trust someone pming you saying that they're a townie? I'm sure most of us have been tricked by pm's in some way at least once. Generally just don't believe anyone and drive yourself crazy being paranoid.
    • Just to confirm Merly, yes it can be done. As a reference there was an Alien vs Humans game, the godfather pretended to be the vig by killing off a fellow mafia member night one. However this caused a heck of a lot of confusion, even among the Mafia members because our kill didnt go through and one of our own died... It wasnt until end game we found out the GF ordered the kill to gain the trust of the cop and several townies...
    • Yes, I've done it, but you have to make sure that you can handle it (and that Rashy will let you :1: ). It's no picnic though. I'd suggest first modding a game without playing at the same time, just so that you know whether you could handle both at the same time. Last thing you want to do is spread yourself (and your time) too thin, because then both games (the one you're modding and the one you're playing in) will suffer.
    • Another question: If in a game after a lynch there is 2 townies, 1 vigilante and 3 mafia, is that a win for the mafia or do we still play because the vigilante could kill the mafia?
    • If it was a day vig I would definitely consider it, but if it's a night killer there would be no point in continuing because even if the vig gets lucky and manages to hit a mafia, you'll still be at 2 v 2. But ultimately it's up to the mod.

      EDIT: Oh, are we talking right after the lynch and transitioning to night phase? Even still, vig offs a maf and maf kills a civy which makes 2 v 2 going into day phase, utterly pointless.

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    • Mafia when when there is a tie between them and all of the pro-town roles.

      2 townies and a vigilante= 3 pro town roles, so mafia would win if there are 3 of them.
    • Again, if you want to be a nice mod you can end the game there, or you can let it carry on (though I don't know what the point would be). There are no rules set in stone, or if there are there aren't many of them. The mod can do whatever they want to.
    • rdlazar wrote:

      And what about this: 1 townie, 1 cop, 1 doctor, 1 vig, 3 mafia, and the townie is lynched?

      I would like to see how this one came out if I was a mod. (or at least leave the option open to play it out)

      If the doc protects the right person, and the vig gets his mafia kill, then day begins with town majority correct? 3 town, 2 mafia
    • @xerxes, I agree. if there is a possibility of the town coming out ahead the game should continue on. The town loses when there is absolutely no hope. That scenario is a long shot but it's still possible.
    • Okay, I don't know where this confusion comes from, but it's been going on for some time now.

      Mafia win if they have a majority


      a tie and there are no active pro-town roles left.

      Active as in a direct effect (doc, vig, etc.) and not a passive one (like a cop)

      That means that 99 mafia vs 99 townies is a mafia win, but 2 mafia vs 1townie+1vig is a possible tie.

      Greeny said it quite nicely
      The town loses when there is absolutely no hope.

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