takes to long

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  • takes to long

    To make the highest level warehouse will take over 200 years OMFG that it way to long that is like 3 generations. (108189D divided by 365 = 296.408 years)!!!!
  • Once again, as posted previously on all other threads exactly like this one... Stop worrying about what your never gonna get. They are still testing this game and that high requirement for resources is a WALL set up to keep us from getting too far before they're ready to test those things.
  • i just can't refuse

    [search] ftw

    the highest level warhose you can get is like level 16

    if you where going to suggest something about this make it new

    like remove from the lists those building that are unatainable.

    like any warehouse above
    18 78,650 41,042 6D 14h 85,424 37,332 37,332 37,332 37,332
  • I don't even see why yout fretting about this. Are you closing in on the final upgrades of your ware house? I highly doubt that you are but I dont even see nay one wanting to get that high right now. So right now I thnk you should just worry about the buildings you can get and how to get the reasources.
  • Actually there IS no upper level. Costs just keep increasing exponentially. The so-called upper level you see in the lists is just where they stopped showing more.

    The real upper limits are practicality. If you can't build it because it takes years or you couldn't possibly gather the resources needed, that's the 'maximum'.
  • Originally posted by Druggie
    Originally posted by MoreBeer
    Build a man a fire, he'll be warm for a day.
    Set a man on fire, he'll be warm the rest of his life.

    Hahahahahahaha, I enjoyed that quote quite a bit, even though the rest of his life wouldn't be quite that long.