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Ikariam team

  • Research needed to build: Cultural Exchange(Science)
    Purpose: Allows the display of cultural items.
    Build in more then one town: Yes, will want them to increase happiness in each of your town/colonies
    Soft Cap: lvl 8 Can build higher but after 8 the cost is greatly increased.

    General Information regarding the Museum

    Lets take a look around the window from the Museum's view(once you click on your on the Museum)

    On the left side of the screen you will see

    Here you can see how much materials will be needed to upgrade and how long it will take. Also you have the option to demolish the building as well. Clicking demolish will give you a confirmation screen showing how much resource you would recover. This option is helpful for when you want to abandon a colony and recover some of the luxury resources and wood.

    Also on the left side you will notice

    Here you can see how many cultural goods you have available. You can also click on to assign your goods to different museums. (More on this later)

    Now back to looking around the Museum view. In the middle you will see this.

    Two things to notice here.
    Cultural goods in this museum: This will show how many open slots you have for goods and how many cultural items you have displayed in the current town/colony.
    The satisfaction in this town is increased by This shows how much of an increase to happiness you have received from the cultural goods along Each good gives +50 to happiness.

    Below the above picture you will see the following:

    Here you will see a list of all players and their capitals that you have cultural treaties with currently. This is very important as sending a second cultural treaty offer to anyone on your list will cancel them out. You can only have one cultural treaty per player.

    You will also notice to small icons.
    --Opens up an in-game message with the player.
    --Cancels the treaty with the player.

    Now lets go back for a moment and look at

    Clicking on this icon will take you to a page that looks similar to the below photo:

    It is here that you can reassign, move around, redistribute the cultural treaties that you have collected up to this point. You can distribute one good per level of museum.

    To send an offer to someone you will need to private message them, when entering the message click the drop down menu to see something like this...

    Make sure to pick Cultural Assets Treaty. If you see two Cultural Assets Treaty you will want to pick the FIRST one as the second one will cancel the Treaty.


    You can only have one Cultural Assets Treaty with a given person.

    You do not need Diplomacy points to offer, accept Cultural Assets Treaty.

    There is a bug that cause you to not be able to send more offers out, even when you have open slots. You can however still receive offers, so just ask folks to send them to you to accept.