Town Hall

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Ikariam team

  • Research needed to build: None
    Purpose: Increases max population limit
    Build in more then one town: Yes, will want them to increase max population limit for your town/colony/capital. Don't have to build, only upgrade.
    Soft Cap: lvl 24 Can build higher but after 24 the cost is greatly increased. Be warned, with the current soft cap limit on other buildings you will not be able to cap out max population without going over the soft cap limit of either museum or tavern(s).

    Town Hall overview:

    (May click image for a larger, more clear view)

    1. Housing space: Indicates how many current citizens you have as well as the current maximum population limit for your Town Hall level. Upgrading the Town Hall will increase the maximum population allowed.

    2. Growth: Indicates how fast you accumulate citizens. Serving more wine in your tavern(s), displaying more cultural goods in your museum(s), upgrading your tavern(s)/museum(s), and/or certain researches will help increase this value.

    3. Action Points: Shows how many points you have for the current town. The first number indicates how many free points you have and the second reflects how many total you have. You need Action Points to interact with others outside your currently displayed town (make trades with other towns including your own colonies, send armies off to pillage, etc.) You start with 2 AP and gain more as you upgrade your town hall.

    4. Net gold: Displays how much money the town is currently making/losing.

    5. Corruption: The number indicates the current corruption rate.

    6. Rename: Clicking this will allow you to rename your colony/town.

    7. Shows the current state of your citizens, ranging from Outraged (abandoning the town) to Euphoric (population growth rate higher than 6 per hour).

    8. Population/production: Reflects the amount of citizen assigned to each task. From left to right: Idle (gold-earning) Citizens, Sawmill (lumber-producing) Workers, Luxury Node (wine/marble/crystal/sulfur-producing) Workers, Scientist/Researchers. The number above the bar indicates the hourly amount produced of each item. The number inside the bar indicates how many citizens are carrying out that task.

    9. Corruption: If you have corruption in a town it you will see this message. To get rid of corruption full, one must have a Governor's Residence the same level as the current number of colonies(Does not include the Capital).

    Satisfaction Overview

    (May click image for a larger, more clear view)

    1. Basic bonus: All towns have a base satisfaction of +196

    2. Research bonus: Boost to satisfaction from research (+25 from Holiday, +200 from Utopia)

    3. Capital bonus: Boost to satisfaction from research (+50 to capital only from Well Digging)

    4. Tavern bonus: Boost to satisfaction from the lvl of your Tavern. (+12 per lvl)

    5. Wine bonus: Boost to satisfaction from amount of wine served. (+80 per increase)

    6. Museum bonus: Boost to satisfaction from the lvl of your Museum. (+20 per lvl)

    7. Cultural Treaty bonus: Boost to satisfaction from number of cultural goods displayed in your museum(s). (+50 per good)

    8. Population Adjustment: How much satisfaction is lowered from your population (each citizen lowers satisfaction by 1).

    9. Total Satisfaction for town: Displays both the state of satisfaction (outraged to euphoric) as well as the balance of your remaining satisfaction points (total boosts, less population).

    10. Corruption Adjustment: How much satisfaction is lowered from corruption.