How to find a good target to pillage & some FAQs

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  • How to find a good target to pillage & some FAQs

    This is a beginner guide for people who just started playing ikariam. As the guide will be focusing on pillaging inactives and players with no army, blockading won’t be included.

    First you need to research Espionage in Science. To research Espionage you need Paper (Science) and Wealth ( Economy). Then train at least one spy. To make sure your target has no army or few armies type their name in the Generals score and if it’s 0 then they don’t have an army. Also you can use Ikariam Inline score and check their military score to see if it’s 0 and gold score to see how much you can get. The number in the bracket is how much you will get per pillage.

    After that send your spy to the target you choose by click the town and clicking send out spy button which is below the pillage button. Also you should choose a target with total score of at least higher than 500 total score. If he’s inactive then it is better. After some time your spy will reach your target town.
    There are missions you can assign him:
    • Inspect Camp Status - You find out how many resources are in the town.
    • Spy out Garrison - How many and what types of soldiers, war machines and war ships are stationed within the town.
    • Monitor fleet and troops movements - A fleet`s origin and destination, the total number of units and transport ships as well as the arrival time.
    • Spy out Treasury - How much gold is in the treasury.
    • Spy out State of Research - You learn which discoveries were last made.
    • Monitor Message Traffic - You learn with whom the spy victim has exchanged messages with within the last few hours. You can only see the subject of the message, not the content.
    • Call back spy - Your spy returns to his Hideout.
    The important missions to get a good pillage are to inspect camp status(inspect warehouse to see how much resources he have and so that you know if it’s profitable or not. If the target town have more that 0 military score or general score you should spy out the garrison to see how many troops he have. Others are interesting but not important. Although monitoring the fleet and troop movements is important it is only needed to do if you are pillaging an active player and if you have a lot spies because its risk is very high.
    Also click the town name when your spy reaches the town to get the town view of that town. You need to check it’s town wall level, trading port level, warehouse level and town hall level (if you don’t have ikariam inline score)
    If the targeted town has no army you need to check the town wall level carefully
    If they don’t have a town wall the town hall gives 10 attack

    Each town wall level gives 3 attack so
    Level 3 town wall can kill a slinger
    Level 5 town wall can kill a swordsmen
    Level 14 town wall can kill a phalanx!
    So be sure to check the town wall level and send about 2-3 slingers or 2-3 swordsmen depending on the town wall level

    Trading port level is very important when you pillage. You get 20 mins of time to load the resources
    A town without a trading port can load 3 resources per minute so 60 resources maximum per pillage
    Trading port level 1 can load 10 resources per minute so 200 resources maximum per pillage
    Trading port level 2 can load 30 resources per minute so 600 resources maximum per pillage
    Trading port level 3 can load 58 resources per minute so 1160 resources maximum per pillage
    Trading port level 4 can load 92 resources per minute so 1840 resources maximum per pillage
    Trading port level 5 can load 131 resources per minute so 2620 resources maximum pillage

    You should pillage players who have trading port level 1 or above and I don’t advise pillaging players who are in an alliance despite of their high trading ports because you can be attacked by the whole alliance

    Some common FAQs are
    Q: When I send troops to pillage a town I got lesser resources than my spy inspection?
    A: That’s because somebody pillages that town ahead of you of if the player is active then he/she might spend the resources
    Q: When I send troops to pillage a town I was turned back by the ships?
    A: Somebody was blockading him so you need to spy him again and again
    Q: He has level 5 trading port but I loot only 600 resources?
    A: That’s either he have a large warehouse or you don’t enough ships to carry the loot
    You need to spy him again and again and also the last few minutes before your army arrives so you can call back your troops if the town is blockaded
    Also the warehouse protects some of the resources so you can get all of it

    Thank you and PM me if I have missed out something