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    • Board Rules – Board Rules

      Each User agrees with his/her registration to the following
      board rules. The Board Staff holds up the right to warn, censor
      and ban Users if the Users do not follow the rules.

      • Every User may register and use one account. Multiple registrations and usage of several accounts may lead to a banning of all accounts. In cases where two or more users are either usually, sometimes or on occasion sharing an IP address and have accounts on the board, board staff MUST be informed. Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban. Report any instances of IP sharing to the BA or a SMod.

      • In extreme cases which are defined on each case individually Users might be banned ingame and from IRC as well. The same goes vice versa. The rules do apply for forums posts and personal messages (PMS).

      • The whole forum is included in the Terms and Conditions of Ikariam. Therefore German Laws apply on the whole board. It also means that the Owners are not responsible for any posted pictures or links which are copyrighted.

      Attitude on the forums

      To guarantee a relaxed atmosphere between all
      participants on the forum, some posting restrictions
      are needed.

      • The Board language is English. No other Language is to be used anywhere on the Forums, e.g. in Posts, Signatures, Avatars etc.

      • Posting contents and links of pornographic, politically extremist, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden. It is also not allowed to post keys, hacks, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages and "warez". Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning.

        The announcement of contents which come under the law of data security or copyright as well as requests for posting something like that.

      • Posting of any personal messages or discussions, without the consent of all involved parties are forbidden.

      • Posting of contents which do not belong to the topic/ relevant forum (Spam/Offtopic) are undesired and may lead to a warning. An exception of this is the Spamboard. This includes postings which only point out breaches of the rules (Backseat Modding).This is up to the board team. 'Bumping' old threads is also not allowed.

      • Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to the fact that it may freeze peoples’ computers (no more than 10 smilies per post. Smilies also count if quoted from previous posts). Images or postings which are side exceeding (means one has to scroll vertically or/and horizontally to read all) are not allowed.

      • Contents, links, user Names etc. with the only aim to flame and insult other participants of the community are forbidden. Same goes for trolling: posts solely intended to annoy other people or incite flames.

      • Contents of inappropriate language and excessive cursing are not allowed.

      • Advertisement and linking to other browser games not owned by Gameforge, is not allowed on the whole forums. Links to games with the aim to count every visitor are not allowed. (Bite Links)

      • It's not allowed to post for banned people. If you do so, it results in a warning for you. The sharing of accounts with people who are banned from the board will also incur a ban for the account holder.

      • Impersonation of a Staff member (Name, Avatar, Signature) may lead to a warning or in extreme cases to a ban.

      • Misuse of the report button is forbidden.

      • Discussion of board/ game bans or warnings is not permitted in the public forums, this may result in further bans or warnings. Please discuss these issues with the Moderator/ Game Operator involved or their superior only.


      Signature Pictures may not exceed the following measurements

      Height: 150 px - Width: 500 px and the datafile can't exceed: 80 kb

      • Anything that is used as an exploit to circumvent the rules, means posting at the end of the post siglike pictures and other that makes the sig appear larger, is not allowed.

      • Staff members may be permitted to have larger signatures at the discretion of the Administration.

      Forum Staff and User Responsibilities

      Each Forum participant has to obey to the Rules. If you feel warned unfairly, first contact the Mod who gave the warning. Then you may get in contact the Smod. In extreme cases you have the right to talk to a Board Admin. The Board Admins’ word is final.

      The same applies if your Topic gets closed. Please do not open several threads on the same topic and try to use the search.

      Several warnings may lead to a ban from the Forum. Each case is looked at individually. Reregistering a second account after a time ban from the Forums lead to a permanent ban. In extreme cases a User can be banned without having warnings


      • Board Administrators and Smods (in emergencies) have ban rights (sigs and Users), Custom Title and user name Changing rights.
      • Complains about Smods go to a Board Administrator.
      • Complains about a Board Administrator go to another Board Administrator or the Community Manager
    • As of December 1st, 2009 the ruling on Signature size has now changed to resemble the limitations of the board software/wbb3.

      The maximum signature size is now 500px (width) by 150px (height) -- The max datafile size is still 80kb, so no change there.

      Hopefully this will add more enjoyment for signature artists and will keep things simpler for us all. :)

      One account to rule them all.
    • Rule change as of January 14, 2010 the following rule will be omitted for the rules:

      Posting of any Ingame Coordinates are forbidden.

      You are now allowed to post coordinates and direct town links for yourself or another player without repercussion.
    • As of June 2nd, 2010 the Smilie Spam rule is being relaxed a bit. The rule now states:

      Spamming of emoticons and images is not allowed due to the fact that it may freeze peoples’ computers (no more than 10 smilies per post. Smilies also count if quoted from previous posts). Images or postings which are side exceeding (means one has to scroll vertically or/and horizontally to read all) are not allowed.

      The max limit now counts "regular" and "animated" smilies as the same, where before "animated" smilies were considered approximately two to three "regular" smilies. The max limit was also raised from 5 to 10, to allow more freedom; and smilies in your signature no longer count into the smilie count for each post. Enjoy. :)

      One account to rule them all.