Alliance attack

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  • Alliance attack

    If A and B(of the same alliance) want to attack someone simultaenously and A sends his fleet to blockade and B sends his ships with troops what needs to be done in order for them to be successful? Would military treaty help or no way? Is it a rule or a bug?
  • Player A can withdraw his ships just before player B's troops get there. The only problem would be if the blockade didnt destroy all of the targets ships or if the target built a ship between the blockade and attack. You could do a safer situation, where player A has a huge fleet and player B has a decent fleet with a large army. Player A goes in first, destroys half or more of the targets fleet and withdraws when player B's fleet is about to get there. But as previously stated, its fixed in 3.0 so heres hoping this wont be a problem any more.

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  • Originally posted by vidyanidhi
    Originally posted by ron delander
    A bug. There is no way around it. ;(

    Will it be fixed in v 0.3
    does not look that way, no. only thing you can do is have the blockade lifted just before player B gets there.
  • I'm not sure this is a bug. It's a "feature", most likely. In that it's working the way it's intended to.

    There is currently no way to bypass a friend's blockade. There SHOULD be, but there isn't. I suspect when/if it comes it will be a new feature rather than a bug fix.