players names and accounts

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Ikariam team

  • players names and accounts

    Hi, i have been looking for a thread on this subject and have not found one, I am located at 5X:7C. I have a neighbor who was with T-RT named NightKid with a town called Candied Island. They have been attacking out alliance (me included). This is not what I am questioning. I noticed he is now named "lord robin" and no longer with T-RT. When i asked a friend to look him up he came back with town levels of 4 and 2 respectively. He is a level 20. My question is how does someone change their user name once they have registered. I know how to change a town name , but not a user name.


    Edit - Co-ords ~ Holowugz
  • Couple of things.

    One, don't post your coords. It's against the rules of the board, and tends to get you attacked.

    Two, mentioning your location without mentioning your world/server is somewhat of a waste... but no matter.

    Finally, change your account name from the Options link in-game.