When To Use Helping Hands

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  • RE: When To Use Helping Hands

    Originally posted by Alleycat
    I've got "another" method...

    try this on for size..

    HH luxury "cost" = 32/(1+bonuses)
    HH wood "cost" = 16/(1+bonuses)

    so for his island with the +10% wonder, one would get luxury at:
    32/1.1 = 29.0909

    the +20% for ambrosia instead..
    Lux: 32/1.2 = 26 2/3
    wood: 16/1.2 = 13 1/3

    I dunno if ambrosia compounds with the wonder bonus or just adds.. so luxury cost for both would either be:
    Additive: 32/1.3 = 24.615
    Compounded: 32/1.32 = 24.2424

    or say you are in -20% corruption on a "normal" island:
    lux: 32/.8 = 40
    wood: 16/.8 = 20

    etc. etc.

    so without too much math, one can easily figure out what HH material "costs" by just determining the total percentage gain/loss over a "normal" island.. no "rounding" needed! :) seems simple enough to me.

    I don't know if some people might consider nine different formulas too much math or not ;)

    The formula I wrote above will tell you how many pieces of gold a resource (luxury or wood) costs using Helping Hands, and it already factors in all of a player's individual variables (corruption, island bonus, etc.)

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  • Originally posted by Moe McK
    Originally posted by Travis
    i only use helping hands for in special cases like when im upgrading GR or in a war and need sulfur ( i always have it on for Wine tho)

    It is a huge waste to do, unless you really need a resource. Otherwise it's eating up your income, and there isn't much of a benefit.

    I must disagree with you, I have HH on all 3 of my Marble, in my Wine and on my Crystal, the price in the trading post is almost always between 35-50 for these in my area and in the few times that there is a bargain to be made, I jump on it. With nearly all of my building on Softcap and a few past it, that`s the only way to being able to upgrade without waiting more than a week.

    3 X 205 Marble / hour =14,760 / day 12,024 without HH

    even with HH i`m getting less wine than I need so I buy also. My 5th colony will be another wine

    Crystal with HH is great to help Research getting finished faster and finishing a few upgrades in the workshop, it`s the only one I will stop using HH as soon as I finish the Future LVL 1