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  • Design 1st or Design a Beast!

    Originally posted by scorpia
    I cant blame you. I picked a bad time to say i would make it.

    The problem is we cannot satisfy all clients equally, thats why they different...
    my advice is either Design 1st or design a Beast.
    let me explain what i meant a Beast: you design The best out of best, which cannot be even compare with any other Designers designs and u make the client to remove current sig(which was created before yours) and take yo Sig :P, its something like you Rule the client. in that case does not matter you took a lot of time to design.. they will be waiting for you :)
  • Hell no! i stopped taking requests.. already rejected many requests, only thinking abt 2 requests NOW from LaZy Nation and My bud Tex!
    in 2009 i'm planing to take not more than 3 requests per week.. so be patient pal
    Mind me asking why the hell you going to change Felwenielz sig? ?(