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  • Alright alright! It's been asked enough times! I'm doing a ship guide! (many asks in PMs, and some asks in game even!)

    First the FAQs. Warning! Walls do not help ships, this top section of FAQs is meant as a continuation of ground troops info!

    Notes! Read at the very bottom for special guide on how to blockade more effectively!

    General FAQs aka, wall faqs for the countless questions I keep getting on it.

    After countless questions on walls, here it is again. You MUST have walls if you intend on surviving any long term defenses.

    Defending costs more gold because you need to have a constant amount of troops.

    Attacking is easy, you make an amount of troops, launch one attack, then that's that.

    Does this mean a high wall will always win? NO! But your odds of winning are over a hundred percent better with a good wall on your side!

    How good is a wall? or I'm losing troops against no enemies! Help!

    A no-wall town will do a "basic" damage factor of 10. Just enough to kill a slinger.

    You lose this base damage factor once you build a wall (yes that sucks), but it is replaced by a new wall damage of 3 damage per wall level!

    This means...
    A level 3 wall can kill a slinger again, with no troops.
    A level 5 wall can kill a swordsman even without troops.
    A level 14 wall can kill even a phalanx or an archer! With NO TROOPS!

    All of this is in addition to walls giving 10% added armor per level for all troops.

    HELP AGAIN! My wall isn't giving bonuses as advertised!

    General FAQ Go there instead of continuing to ask countless questions. It's a nice FAQ.

    But to answer this, if your town hall (total town level) is bigger than your town wall, then the bonuses are less.

    Upgrade walls. Use walls. Walls are your friend.

    On to the rest of the FAQs:

    Ship FAQs!

    Why are my fleets so slow?

    I can't really answer why the game developers did this, but normal ground units and trade (cargo, transport) ships have a "speed" factor of 20

    Different combat ships have speeds ranging between 10 and 2. That means even the fastest attack ship only moves at half speed of a cargo ship.

    You need to plan your attacks with this in mind, or you're going to waste a lot of time and effort for no good reason.

    Do walls help ships?

    NO! I just said it above, but there it is again.

    How do I attack other players' ships?

    Blockade is how you launch an attack against an enemy fleet. You cannot attack the town itself to raid resources, you instead attack the town's port when you send a fleet.

    What good is a blockade?

    Blockaded towns cannot have ground troops sent to reinforce them. Any goods coming in or leaving are siezed by the blockade and sent to your town instead. And it paves the way for you to launch ground units between islands.

    Remember, if a port has at least 1 ship (even a ram ship) in it, then attacks from off-island cannot hit it unless that port is blockaded by the attacker.

    Defending? Attacking?

    Ships that are marked as in a town will automatically defend just like ground troops do. Attackers get boosted from assult, defenders from resistance.

    Akwardly, once a blockade is in place, the ships stationed there as part of the blockade become the defenders. This means a group of flamethrower ships that take a port with their assult bonus will then be changed to defense for the duration of the blockade, where they LOSE THEIR BONUS! Since they've become defenders.

    And visa versa with ballista ships that may take a port. They have no bonus while taking it, but gain a bonus once they own it.


    Time for the guide!
    Same stats to consider as last time but with a new stat added in, SPEED!

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Cargo Ship

    Strengths - Buy once and it never dies. Absolutely needed for transporting goods and ground units.

    Weaknesses - It can't fight. It's only listed in the fleet because it's a ship at all.

    Speed - 20 (fast). Highest speed ship in the game. Used for transporting ground troops in after blockades are in place. You can time it out to send your ground forces on these ships before a blockade is in place (if you're sure the blockade will win), but just remember how slow other ships are.

    Notes: Auto-lose in any fight. If they have goods, they'll give it up to the enemy blockades instantly, and you get no chance of rescuing goods. The upside is your troops won't die and these ships won't die.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    These are non-combatants, only listed in the guide because they are targetted by enemy blockades and they carry friendly troops.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Strengths - First combat ship you get. Dirt Cheap. Great for buying just 1 of to defend a harbor against incoming ground troops.

    Weaknesses - Pathetically weak. Worst stats. No real advantage.

    Speed - 10 (fastest combat) Nice speed here, but too weak to make good use of it.

    Notes: Only usable in the situation mentioned in strengths. Though they have the fastest, they're always going to be slowed down by the ships you need to send them with.

    *SPECIAL* Standard Unit.
    In combat, units dying is a normal thing. Especially in big combat. But when it happens, THIS is the unit you want taking the deaths.
    Similar to slingers listed above, these are the lowest cost units in the game for combat ships. But they also have dirt low armor. I am only listing them as standard class units they're the slingers of the navy. I personally think they're too weak to though.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: * (+****) (1 star, but 5 in case of using against enemy ground units as a single ship in your harbor)
    Offensive use: ** (+**) (2 stars, good only because they have maxed speed and en-masse they can still blockade a port, 4 stars if the port has no defenders and you somehow know they're about to get a big shipment in)
    Training cost: * (+***) (1 star, worst ship to train, unless... 4 stars, used as a single ship only, they're great if you can sneak them into the right place at the right time)
    Upkeep costs: * (+****) (1 star or 5 stars depending on use)
    Overall: * (+****)
    Wow. One of the strangest units in the game, it can be perfect for so much, or totally pathetic. Any of the 4 or 5 star situations with this ship are ONLY for when a single ship can win out hands down without question. In any actual fleet on fleet action, it's 1 star.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Ballista Ship

    Strengths - Ultimate Fodder. Though it's more expensive than ram ships, it's strong enough in every sense to be more worth it. Add resistance into the mix for defending and THIS is the choice mixed combat unit of the sea.

    Weaknesses - Relatively low stats. Sorry to say, these guys will die often in any real fights. They're so little power over ram ships, that they're almost identical when the big boys come out to play.

    Speed - 8 (fast) This is the speed you wish your other big ships moved at.

    Notes: Still weak, but better than ramship at everything but speed. Settle into using them for most common tasks, they're yor bread and butter.

    *SPECIAL* Standard Unit.
    In combat, units dying is a normal thing. Especially in big combat. But when it happens, THIS is the unit you want taking the deaths.
    Best armor and damage for cost to produce, there's no question in my mind, this unit is the swordsman of the sea.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: ***** (5 stars, resistance included, they soak up damage nice)
    Offensive use: *** (3 stars, sadly they're weak, but as a group useful)
    Training cost: ***** (5 stars, best ship cost in the game)
    Upkeep costs: *** (3 stars, not the best upkeep for it's stats, but better than ramships by far)
    Overall: **** (4 stars)
    Whoa, wait a minute. Only 4 stars? Why?
    Well the sad thing about fleets is, without walls to bolster them the way ground troops get boosted, a fleet is open prey for anyone coming after you. The reason this ship does get 4 stars is because it's high speed makes it a good attacker too. Sorry fleet, you're just not this game's strong point.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Strengths - Balanced stats, pretty strong, assult adds to it's ability to attack.

    Weaknesses - Losses assult bonus while holding an enemy port, higher costs always a drain, the usual ship flaws hurt it in addition to its questionable abilities to flip from attacker to defender.

    Speed - 8 (fast) Same as ballista ship, this is your ship of choice on attacks.

    Notes: Great choice of ships to attack people, just watch for blockade breakers that use flamethrowers on their move, or you'll quickly find your flamers up in flame.

    *SPECIAL* Standard Unit.
    In combat, units dying is a normal thing. Especially in big combat. But when it happens, THIS is the unit you want taking the deaths.
    The last major choice of units taking up hits, flamers are a good mix of attack and defense making them your last ditch choice to balance combat out. If possible, ballistas are a better choice to absorb the damage, but when backed to a corner, this ship is usable at it.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: ** (2 stars, good enough to hold a port you've blocked, but not best choice for defending your town)
    Offensive use: ***** (5 stars, it's average stats and total power is enough that you can use it for attacks with it's assult bonus, and good speed to boot)
    Training cost: **** (+*) (4 stars, 5 for sulfur islanders. Still a cheap ship honestly, it stresses sulfur use especially which lets you use that resource)
    Upkeep costs: *** (3 stars, fair upkeep, most of the ships aren't too bad at this, but not too good at it either)
    Overall: **** (4 stars)
    Similar to ballista ships, these guys are good at everything a little, but as always you need to consider it against no walls and high costs of maintaining blockades.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Catapult Ship

    Strengths and Weaknesses - Average stats again, no real advantage still, except that they're bigger. Sulfur cost is actually the same as Flamethrower Ships, but Wood cost goes up, not sure which one of these you consider an advantage or disadvantage, but that's the way it is.

    Speed - 6 (normal) Slower than the ones above, this ship starts getting down into the range where you're less inclined to launch attacks with it.

    Notes: As the strengths and weaknesses say, it's a mix up. You could actually also still use this ship as a standard unit if sulfur is rough for you and you want big guys in fights. But honestly, you should be using ballistas to take hits by this point.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: **** (4 stars. Getting better, but not great. It's always a tradeoff with ships)
    Offensive use: ** (2 stars, the loss of speed hurts your fleet and increases cost of travelling because of how much longer it takes for all your ships)
    Training cost: **** (4 stars. Great choice because of sulfur being the same as flamers, but again no real edge, so use only as many as you need)
    Upkeep costs: **** (4 stars, wonderful upkeep rate, high stats for the pricetag)
    Overall: *** (3 stars)
    Oh dear. This ship is a bit better on defense again, but not the best. Costs vs. power is always an iffy thing around ships. So good luck on the balance. Catapults are nice though.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Mortar Ship

    Strengths - Here we go! The big boys! Biggest stats, relatively low upkeep. Get these bad boys for your defense as soon as possible.

    Weaknesses - Higher cost to produce (though not that much higher relative to it's stats honestly), this ship's greatest flaw is it's speed...

    Speed - 4 (slow) OUCH! At half the speed of flameships and ballistas, you just can't afford to use this ship for attacking anything more than a couple islands out. So sad...

    Notes: Awesome ship, best in the game, but with a big penalty sadly.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: ***** (5 stars! Awesome defender, huge stats!)
    Offensive use: * (1 star... It's speed just hurts too much)
    Training cost: **** (4 stars. Although it's slightly worse on it's cost vs. stats ratio than some other ships, it's not bad enough to rate it poorly, and it's advantages are well worth it)
    Upkeep costs: ***** (5 stars! BOYAH! This ship has the BEST stats for it's upkeep out of all ships, making it the king defender!)
    Overall: ***** (5 stars!)
    Yeah I just said above that no ship really deserves five stars becaue they all suck, but this ship is the one that breaks that pattern. Keeping a few of these in port will balance out against anything but the biggest attacks. Unfortunately, no wall bonuses means that they'll often be wiped out anyhow.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Strengths - Wow. Look at those stats! This ship is your attack king. Use him in a good mixed fleet of flamers and ballistas when attacking an enemy port and you'll wipe them out fast.

    Weaknesses - Higher costs again, worse upkeep based on those stats.

    Speed - 8 (fast) WOOHOO! That's what I'm talkin' about! This is the biggest damage ship with a speed of 8 and is your best choice to ship out in mixed combat blockades.

    Notes: Higher speed and higher stats, mixed with assult, and you can't go wrong on attack. Just don't train too many since their upkeep hurts a bit.

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: * (1 star, now that you have Mortar Ships, you shouldn't put these on defense)
    Offensive use: ***** (5 stars, high speed and high power, mixed combat is still key though, so use with caution)
    Training cost: **** (4 stars, Much less sulfur, much more wood. It's a tradeoff, but worth it if used right.)
    Upkeep costs: *** (3 stars, Bah, here's where this ship hurts. It's upkeep shoots through the roof for not being too strong. It gets 3 stars only because of it's speed becoming useful for attacks)
    Overall: **** (4 stars)
    Great attacker, good bonuses, but bad upkeep and suffers same problem of attacker turning into defender while blockading. Use in mixed combat, as always.

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
    Diving Boat

    Strengths - Not part of normal fleet route. This ship is obtained from science track. Also it uses glass to manufacture instead of sulfur.

    Weaknesses - Everything else. It's stats are sub-par, it's upkeep is really high, and OUCH, that speed.

    Speed - 2 (did that snail just pass us?) Never move this unit unless you're looking for a way to empty your gold stock.

    Notes: Need I say more than above?

    Kayi's Combat Score
    Defensive use: ** (2 stars, it is a defender... that's all I can say good about it)
    Offensive use: Negative Five Stars... (Attacking with this ship will take forever and have no real edge. Don't.)
    Training cost: * (+*) (1 star, 2 if you have crystal and no sulfur. It really has no upside)
    Upkeep costs: * (high upkeep again for high training and barely moderate stats? Pathetic.)
    Overall: 0 (zero stars)
    This unit stinks. Only for use as a vanity item or if you've got zero sulfur for some reason and can't get more...

    ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

    Blockading Guide

    Here it is as promised.

    Blockading has a major flaw compared to ground combat because defenders have no advantage, but attackers cost out the nose on top of that.

    I can't tell you how to defend better, because you can't. Sorry. Ships just suck.

    BUT! Here's a step by step guide how to attack and blockade effectively.

    Step 1) Send your big fleet for only 1 hour blockade.
    You need to get there and get back as soon as possible. Your bankers will thank you.

    Step 2) After you break a defending blockade, send a new blockade with fewer ships for 8 hours (or longer if they ever adjust it higher). Often times only two or three ships is enough to hold the blockade after a standing fleet is broken. If they reinforce at a later time, then just attack again.

    Step 3) Plan your times.
    This is the real key to attacks. PLAN PLAN PLAN!
    First check how long your ground troops would take to land somewhere (go to the pillage attack screen as if you were actually attacking).

    Step 4) After you know how long it takes to get there with your ground troops, send your fleet and keep an eye on their timer. If a ground force takes 2 hours to arrive, then wait until your fleet has around an hour until they arrive before you send your ground forces.

    Warning 1) Be careful not to wait too long or your enemy could rebuild his fleet.
    Warning 2) Be careful not to send your fleets too close together, otherwise the battle still could be going on when your ground troops arrive.

    Step 5) Now that your fleets are moving and things are going places, good luck with it all. You'll need it to stand up to the mess of sea battles out there.

    And that concludes this guide.

    I hope it at least seems informative, because sadly, ships just aren't nice to deal with and I've avoided using them as much as possible just because I know they're horrible.

    But they're part of the game, and you're going to need to use them eventually, even if just a bit like I've been doing.