-VEG- vs MTH

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  • -VEG- vs MTH

    MTH has angered the Vegetable alliance. Lettuce now come together and fight until their blood leeks into the soil. We will beet them until they are squashed like rotten tomatoes!
  • Hmmm...Italian sounds better. :D

    I am declaring this war officially over at 01.01.2009 00:00 game time. The thread may be closed.

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  • Who won? Any CR's ????

    I think that the vegetables were infuriated by your fight song

    And my lady, she went downtown She bought some ber-ra-ccoli She brought it ho-ome... She's chop'in broccoli Chop'in brocco-li Chop'in brocco-la Chop'in brocco-laa-aa She's chop'in brocco-lay Chop'in brocco-lay She's chop-eah-un! Chop'in brocco-loco -lay -eaa -eaa -eaa--eeee She's chopin broccoli She chopin she chopin she chopin she chopin she chopin Ch ch ch ch ch ch ta ta ta ta the bra-co-li-i She's chopin brrrrraaaaiiiii She's chop she's chop broccoli She's chopin beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Chopping Broccoli Video
  • Sadly it was a rather pathetic war. There are LOTS of CR's, but only a few even have a battle..if you can call it that.

    Oh, and for the record, this is our fight song:


    You know bigguns....this really is more and more like sim city greece every day. I'm sitting on a mountain of gold right now. I almost feel like dropping my mil score, and killing all of my spies just so someone will fight back....I'm sure you know the feeling. :)

    Once gold pillaging is gone, it's going to be very difficult (not impossible) to profit from a war unless you're relatively close to your opponent; it's going to get even more boring. Sure there will be some short term excitement as we rake in pile upon pile of mats, but that will wear off I'm sure. :(

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  • A woman's vegetable garden is growing like mad, but the darn tomatoes won't ripen. There's a limit to the number of uses for green tomatoes and she's getting pretty tired of it.

    So she walks over to her neighbor's and asks, "Your tomatoes are always red, while mine are always green. How do you do it?"

    Her neighbor says, "Well, this may sound absurd, but here's what you do. After dark, go out into your garden and take off all your clothes. When the tomatoes see you they'll get embarrassed and blush. Tomorrow they'll all be red, you'll see."

    Well, what the heck, she figures. So she does it.

    The next day her neighbor asks her how it went.

    Inappropriate Content..~~PK