Unit/Ship comparison for v0.3.0

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  • Unit/Ship comparison for v0.3.0

    This is meant to be a help to all ikariamites that are anxiously awaiting the new version to hit the servers and wondering how to prepare their military.

    What you will find below is statistically factual, followed by my opinions on the matter. When it comes to materials, since all resources will convert to 1 per worker citizen per hour, all materials become equal for the sake of this comparison. This comparison also assumes all upgrades have been completed. Finally, when it comes to attack or defense per storage unit, this information is for active pillagers. I find it might be useful to note how much storage space is required on the boat to bring them back home, since it will cut out potential resource loot. For units with the assault property, I have figured that in for cargo only since anytime you are using them as cargo they are obviously attacking. The rest of the properties are not figured in to the statistical ratings. Enjoy!


    Attack (A) - 10
    Defense (D) - 9
    Upkeep (U) - 3
    Attack per Upkeep (A/U) - 3.33
    Defense per Upkeep (D/U) - 3
    Attack/Defense per Upkeep (AD/U) - 6.33
    Attack per Materials (A/M) - 0.263
    Defense per Materials (D/M) - 0.236
    Attack/Defense per Materials (AD/M) - 0.499
    Storage (St) - 3
    Attack per Storage (A/St) - 3.33
    Defense per Storage (D/St) - 3
    Attack/Defense per Storage (AD/St) - 6.33
    Rating (**) Their only usefullness is again, early in the game as cannon fodder. Their low upkeep helps a decent amount if fending off consistent attackers. Having a high number of slingers with a smaller amount of swordsmen and phalanx allows the better caliber units to survive for longer. Should be eliminated once the military becomes advanced.

    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 27
    D - 15
    U - 5
    A/U - 5.4
    D/U - 3
    AD/U - 8.4
    A/M - 0.428
    D/M - 0.238
    AD/M - 0.666
    St - 5
    A/St - 7.02
    D/St - 3
    AD/St - 10.02
    Rating (****) Again, the swordsman becomes a great front line attacking unit. Their defense leaves something to be desired however. Note that their Defense per Upkeep is the same as the Slinger and their Defense per materials is barely greater than the Slinger. What this means is keeping hordes of these guys at bay is not advisable. The assault property makes their best work done in pillaging. While they are great in the early stages of military development as a way to add an attacking punch to a defensive army, the onset of the archer removes that need. For people that are active attackers, their attack to storage ratio is one of the highest in the game. Not too bad for an entry level unit.

    Special Ability - Resistance
    A - 20
    D - 45
    U - 8
    A/U - 2.5
    D/U - 5.625
    AD/U - 8.125
    A/M - 0.208
    D/M - 0.469
    AD/M - 0.677
    St - 12
    A/St - 1.67
    D/St - 3.75
    AD/St - 5.42
    Rating (****) The Phalanx is still a great unit to use for defense, but has become a lackluster attacking option. Especially in situations where one has to use ships to travel, as their AD/St is the lowest of all combat (non-ram) units. While they can boost the defensive stats of an attacking army in the early going, they are far and away too weak on the attack to be the main unit in your force. However, for their defensive ability, the fact that they have the resistance property makes no unit a better defensive value.

    Special Ability - Resistance
    A - 41
    D - 26
    U - 8
    A/U - 5.125
    D/U - 3.25
    AD/U - 8.375
    A/M - 0.320
    D/M - 0.203
    AD/M - 0.523
    St - 8
    A/St - 8.2
    D/St - 3.25
    AD/St - 11.45
    Rating (****) And now we have our first full departure from v0.2.8. The archer has become a great all around unit. When defending your town gates, the resistance property gives them a nice defensive boost (along with your wall), while their attack remains high enough to knock out many of your opponent's attacking units. It now only takes one archer to kill one marksman (gunsman) with full upgrades. While their attack/defense per materials leaves something to be desired, their upkeep is the same as the phalanx, making them invaluable as a standing military unit. For pillagers, they have the 2nd highest A/St and AD/St in the game, making them a nice addition to your pillaging army.

    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 66
    D - 27
    U - 10
    A/U - 6.6
    D/U - 2.7
    AD/U - 9.3
    A/M - 0.344
    D/M - 0.141
    AD/M - 0.485
    St - 13
    A/St - 6.6
    D/St - 2.08
    AD/St - 8.68
    Rating (*** */2) The marksman is an interesting unit. The assault property makes them great attackers, but their dismal defense makes them a dangerous use. You can get nearly the same A/U out of Steams, but they do not have the assault advantage. The danger with the marksman is that with a defensive ability lower than the phalanx, that the marksman would get picked off early and often. Use them at your discretion. They are great for adding punch to a fight, but notice that their A/St is lower than the archer, so proper planning may suggest to send more archers to save the marksmen.

    A - 50
    D - 42
    U - 10
    A/U - 5
    D/U - 4.2
    AD/U - 9.2
    A/M - 0.199
    D/M - 0.167
    AD/M - 0.366
    St - 12
    A/St - 4.17
    D/St - 3.5
    AD/St - 7.67
    Rating (***) The gyro is a well balanced unit, much in the way that the archer is. The gyro becomes a strategic decision. The AD/M ratio is awful: the worst combat (non-ram) unit in the game actually, far worse than even the slinger. If materials are short, the gyro should be avoided. If you find yourself with plenty of lumber and sulfur, their AD/U is great, and their speed makes them invaluable, if you ever wanted to send just gyro's to attack someone on your island (rare, I know). They are decent as pillaging units as well, but the big decision remains on the materials issue. If you have them, splurge. If you don't, wait.

    Steam Giants
    A - 97
    D - 80
    U - 15
    A/U - 6.47
    D/U - 5.33
    AD/U - 11.8
    A/M - 0.339
    D/M - 0.280
    AD/M - 0.619
    St - 23
    A/St - 4.22
    D/St - 3.48
    AD/St - 7.70
    Rating (*****) In my opinion, the steam giant is the most well rounded unit in the game after the update. They have a great attacking punch, and can hold their own in defense. Their AD/U is the highest in the game, and their AD/M rivals the cheap swordsman and phalanx in production. With an attack and defense so level, you don't need to worry as heavily about protecting them (their defense does it for them). You obviously would still want some fodder around them, but this is the premier all around unit in the game with v0.3.0.

    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 268
    D - 78
    U - 30
    A/U - 8.93
    D/U - 2.6
    AD/U - 11.53
    A/M - 0.284
    D/M - 0.083
    AD/M - 0.367
    St - 33
    A/St - 10.56
    D/St - 2.36
    AD/St - 12.92
    Rating (*** */2) I think the bombardier will be getting a bit more play in the new version. The assault property makes them a pillaging MONSTER. The only frightening thing is their defense. It is dangerously low compared to the upkeep/materials involved in the production of this unit. The Bombardier's D/M is the lowest in the game. Of course, if materials are abundant, this doesn't matter, but you will want to use these units with caution. Losing a bombardier will hurt, so sending them out with 4 to 1 (or higher) steam giants isn't a bad idea. However, when they show up and deal a whopping 348 points of damage a piece (considering no other unit will do more than 100 points damage), they will certainly make your point, loud and clear.

    Battering Ram
    Special Ability - Ram
    A - 12
    D - 80
    U - 30
    A/U - 0.4
    D/U - 2.67
    AD/U - 3.07
    A/M - 0.059
    D/M - 0.390
    AD/M - 0.449
    St - 14
    A/St - 0.86
    D/St - 5.71
    AD/St - 6.57
    Rating (*) When the breach bug is removed, this will change to (**). The ram is such a pathetic unit. The only redeeming quality is the high defense. But their attack is so low in comparison to their upkeep, materials, or storage that using them in large quantity seems silly. Of course, while the breach bug is still in effect, using any of the ram units is frivolous. The only reason you would is if you hadn't upgraded the attack of your big dog combat units, but that is asinine, since if you get attacked, you would be at a substantial disadvantage. Better to upgrade everything and wait for the bug to be removed.

    Special Ability - Ram
    A - 64
    D - 51
    U - 30
    A/U - 2.13
    D/U - 1.7
    AD/U - 3.83
    A/M - 0.143
    D/M - 0.114
    AD/M - 0.256
    St - 23
    A/St - 2.91
    D/St - 2.32
    AD/St - 5.23
    Rating (*) When the breach bug is removed, this will change to (** */2). A little better than the ram, but not by much. The defense takes a hit, but the attack increases, making it a value in combat as well as having the ram ability. Because it is a more all-around unit, it is more useful in long battles than the ram, which adds virtually nothing to your attacking strength. Again, there is no reason to invest in these units until the bug is removed.

    Special Ability - Ram
    A - 196
    D - 128
    U - 60
    A/U - 3.27
    D/U - 2.13
    AD/U - 5.4
    A/M - 0.188
    D/M - 0.123
    AD/M - 0.311
    St - 54
    A/St - 3.63
    D/St - 2.37
    AD/St - 6.00
    Rating (*) When the breach bug is removed, this will change to (***). The mortar is the only other unit in the game that deals more than 100 points damage from a single unit (and it gets close to 200) than the bombardier. The only drawback is that it costs so much to build, and thus makes it a hassle in production. It's upkeep isn't shy either. However, it is another well balanced unit that will help in both phases of battle and is the best AD/U Ram unit. But we'll have to wait until v0.3.1 or further to use it, as we won't be wasting our materials or gold on units that don't offer the ram benefit as it is truly intended.


    Ram Ship
    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 24
    D - 17
    U - 13
    A/U - 1.85
    D/U - 1.31
    AD/U - 3.16
    A/M - 0.171
    D/M - 0.121
    AD/M - 0.292
    Rating (*) The one redeeming quality here is the assault property. But this ship has the same value as it did in previous versions of the game. Much like the slinger of the sea, this unit is useful early as a means of defense, and later as a way to protect your ports from invading armies.

    Ballista Ship
    Special Ability - Resistance
    A - 20
    D - 27
    U - 14
    A/U - 1.43
    D/U - 1.93
    AD/U - 3.36
    A/M - 0.134
    D/M - 0.181
    AD/M - 0.315
    Rating (**) When it comes to ships in the new version, the one thing that is lacking is a unit that is decent on both attack and defense. That is why units tend to get paired together for protection. The ballista's defense is great (especially with resistance), but it's attack packs such a small punch, you'll need some flamethrowers mixed in for its protection.

    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 57
    D - 26
    U - 20
    A/U - 2.85
    D/U - 1.3
    AD/U - 4.15
    A/M - 0.305
    D/M - 0.139
    AD/M - 0.444
    Rating (*** */2) The flamethrower is a great attacking ship. And its AD/U and AD/M rival the heaviest ships in the game. The only drawback is the meager defense. A ram ship on the attack could take down the flamethrower, and that makes it dangerous. Utilizing it in tandem with ballistas will make life much easier, so plan accordingly.

    Catapult Ship
    Special Ability - Resistance
    A - 38
    D - 56
    U - 24
    A/U - 1.58
    D/U - 2.33
    AD/U - 3.91
    A/M - 0.151
    D/M - 0.223
    AD/M - 0.374
    Rating (***) The catapult ship is a great defender, and does pack enough punch to take down all of the ships that come before it. But the problem is the overall value never measures up to the other ships in the game. The catapult becomes a stopgap on the road to the mortar ship, and once you have the mortar ship, I doubt the catapult will be of much use to you.

    Paddle Wheel Ram
    Special Ability - Assault
    A - 123
    D - 37
    U - 33
    A/U - 3.73
    D/U - 1.12
    AD/U - 4.85
    A/M - 0.360
    D/M - 0.108
    AD/M - 0.468
    Rating (*** */2) Wow. The Paddle Wheel Ram can certainly deal some damage. It can also be sunk on defense by a single blow from a fully upgraded catapult ship, or worse, a flamethrower. This unit on the attack is vicious. On the defense, it is the weakest ship in the game. Do not leave this unit high and dry, or it will cost you. But the A/U of the P.W. Ram is the second highest for ships in the game, and it has the highest A/M, so you will definitely be using it. Just protect it.

    Mortar Ship
    Special Ability - Resistance
    A - 78
    D - 156
    U - 50
    A/U - 1.56
    D/U - 3.12
    AD/U - 4.68
    A/M - 0.149
    D/M - 0.298
    AD/M - 0.447
    Rating (*** */2) The Mortar Ship is the best defensive ship in the game. Period. Its D/U and D/M are the highest of any ship. It has a weak attack, so pairing it with some P.W. Rams or Dive Boats is a smart idea. Even getting some flamethrowers into the action is advisable. But this thing can take a beating and stay afloat. Once you have them, you can eliminate your catapult ships, as this ship outdoes the catapult in virtually every way.

    Dive Boat
    A - 205
    D - 80
    U - 50
    A/U - 4.1
    D/U - 1.6
    AD/U - 5.7
    A/M - 0.293
    D/M - 0.114
    AD/M - 0.407
    Rating (***) While the dive boat packs a whallop on the attack, it costs so much to build that it just isn't as worthwhile as the P.W. Ram and the Mortar Ship. The advantage to the Dive Boat is that a underdeveloped navy will have a difficult time bringing one down, as it can't be done with a single blow from anything less than a paddle wheel ram. This ship is like the gyrocopter. If you have an abundance of materials, it doesn't hurt to plunk a few of these in your harbor. If you have to save materials for production, you can pass on the dive boat until more materials are available.


    While I think many have noted on the test server and the speed server that attacks have become much more vigorous, I don't think the attacking frenzy will translate to the regular servers. Alliances will still avoid all-out wars, and nobody will want to wake a sleeping giant. However, those that have gotten by without a decent military by keeping their port size low will have to utilize new strategy. v0.3.0 gives a little bit of an advantage back to the attacker. For a while now, the defender had all of the advantage, thanks to the breach bug. Now, the attacker can use planning to their advantage, and steal as many resources as they have the capacity to loot. This will make military planning a lot more strategic, and I hope this guide helps you on your way to creating a balanced but powerful military for v0.3.0.