Declaration of war to IUA from HBC

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Ikariam team

  • Declaration of war to IUA from HBC

    We have suffered baiting in a number of messages, attacks upon our members, and slights upon our honor.

    We say no more.

    The Corsairs of the Higher Bridge acknowledge our past as pirates and free spirits. Some of you may well have noted the name change. It isn't a change so much as an acknowledgement that the Higher Bridge and the Bootleggers have come together. Yes, many of our members are pirates. Yes, many of us pillage those who have wealth but can't protect it. And yes, we allow those who want retribution a reasonable chance to get it. Our members are prepared to face the consequences of their own actions... a spirit we find sadly lacking in some. But that does not mean we stand by when other alliances go far beyond the reasonable retaliation we have publicly stated on these forums. We do not stand by when we are insulted by the small-minded. We do not stand by when our honor is called to question.

    For these reasons we declare war on Islands United. We do this with the sure and certain knowledge that they were preparing to war against us. We do this with the expectation that they will try to get their allies lined up to fight against us. We give notice to the IUA and the IUA's coalition that we have allies as well... and none of us are afraid to fight.

    We have seen what the IUA considers war, and we are not frightened. We have seen what it takes for the IUA to request peace, and we are not impressed. We expect this to be a very short war indeed. We intend to teach the members of the IUA a firm lesson in taking responsibility for their actions, and when that lesson has been taught we expect the IUA to surrender.

    Yes, we would prefer to build, to pillage when we see rich targets, and to maintain cordial (if occasionally tense) relationships with our neighbors. However, this is a game in which war plays a role. There is a time to build, there is a time to pillage... and there is a time to war. This war has been coming for a long time. We will wait no more. War is upon us, and HBC answers its call.
  • It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle?

    - Patrick Henry
  • Lol. It's so hilarious. You guys started it and now you're declaring war and blaming it on IUA. The hunger for power never ends. First WLS, then HBR... What next?
  • And let the whining and spewing of inaccuracies begin...

    Alpha knows why HBC joined the previous WLS war, and Alpha agrees that our cause was as honorable as any. HBC has never been an alliance to fabricate a case for war, and our armies march into every conflict we face with our heads held high and our Goddess watching over us. I feel no need to address the latest post, although I am sure that there are floods of similar ones to come.

    Do I expect Hardstyle and Paraclies to jump in here and make self-important cries of us being bullies like usual? Yes, certainly. I would be a fool not to.

    Go ahead. The stage is set, and it is yours. Make your plea to Alpha, but remember that you were the instigators of this war, and that it is not over our piracy policy. You taunted us, and you called us out. It is time for you to put your money where your mouth is. As for us, our Sairs are forever ready to answer our call to duty when she calls for us.

    Do not kick a sleeping tiger.
  • *sigh* I am really dismayed to see this.......

    its rather easy to make vague statements about the reasons for going to war, but lets get a little more specific here........

    below is a break down of events that lead to this point.

    It's funny how there is no mention that an HBR member (DylanMike) attacked an IUA member approx 13 times, out of friendship with August I even reconfirmed with hi specifics on HBC's piracy policy, after the 3rd attack.

    following HIS guidlines for HBC's policies the IUA retaliated against Dylan with a coordinated strike. Due to his rediculous upkeep of army after knocking his knocking his general score a few k we stopped, however his gold ran out and his score dropped from 19k to 7k.

    DylanMike felt this completely unfair since the attacks happened while he took a short vacation (yet he didn't put his towns on vacation mode.

    Now we had no knowledge that he was going on vacation, talking with the diplomat for HBC he said part of the piracy policy was to send a note to the HBC member that we were attacking to tell him why we are attacking him!

    Personally I find that a little silly, but hey what ever.

    a retaliation strike of 4 HBC members was sent against the captain who lead the strike against DylanMike.

    Now I do agree that some of the messages that was sent by him were harsh and said in anger, which we all know that when you talk in anger the right things are never said. Because of that the attacks increased to 6 + 2 ghost colonies being sent. We played by your rules and you are calling foul? It is clear now that this piracy policy of yours can do nothing more but lead to war as long as you think you have the upper hand.........

    I have been in talks with Durandal (HBC Diplomat for the past few days trying not to escalate this situation to war.........)

    this declaration has nothing to do about the BIG BAD ACTIONS that the IUA has done, this is a clear ploy to take advantage of the situation brewing for the new 3.0 vs.

    Everyone knows that many players have been stockpiling for all the changes that wil be happening when the new version comes out. AND IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT there will be no more gold on pillages!

    The HBC has been looking for some escuse to declare war to satisfy the needs of their pirates to pillage gold reserves before the new thread comes out!

    I am really saddened by this declaration but so be it. You will find that there aren't that many that agree with you as you think.

    @ August, it has been well known in certain cercles that you and some of the WOR members really dislike each other and you have been waiting to find a reason to go to war with the WOR. I guess this your chance now, but to use the IUA to do it?

    Good luck to you, as your members have already found out, we aren't so easy to pillage as you thought!
  • Three strikes and you're out, Paraclies.

    How many times must I say this? This war was not started over the DylanMike incident. It has no relevance whatsoever to the engagement at hand.

    The fact is that you have baited us, taunted us, and insulted us over the past few weeks. It is time for your alliance to pay, each word a thousand drops of your blood. Although I do realize that IUA will, as always, instead run and hide behind the rest of WOR.

    If we had not declared war on you, you would have declared on us after the update. Paraclies, I urge you not to lie to the respectable players of Alpha. Our intelligence corps have gathered countless screenshots, messages, and mountains of evidence of YOU - IUA attacking us and our honor, smirking at us, and attempting to smear our reputation with blatant lies in the same fashion as the way you are attempting to do now.

    Do you want proof? Do you really want us to show it to Alpha? I think not. Because we do not fabricate reasons for war. When we war, we war with honor. We neither run, nor do we hide behind our allies, and we fight to the death for the cause we believe in.
  • We can get a lot more specific about the causes if you like, paraclies. We have screenshots and other documentation. I felt it more important to make a clear and non-hysterical declaration of war however.

    We didn't mention DylanMike because that's not the reason for the war. It was a contributing factor, but we hardly need to go to war over one such incident. Primarily, this is because you have called us out. So we're responding.

    If the retaliation against DylanMike had come in a timely manner and with 3 or fewer of your alliance involved, our members would not have felt the need to get involved. Instead your members retaliated several weeks later, relying on Christmas holidays to get in a strike. Well, so be it. DylanMike's own fault for not going on vacation... but at the same time not something we will force our members to ignore!

    As you say yourself, paraclies, we also didn't escalate until your own members started sending insulting messages and calling us out.

    As for your assertion this is a gold grab.... ridiculous. Wars COST gold. Pirates willing to attack rich, weak targets hardly need to go to war to gather gold. You seem to have forgotten the thirteen attacks by DylanMike were purely profit-based, and instead of teaching your own members to properly protect themselves and spend their gold, your alliance decided that violence was a better solution. So be it.

    You are welcome to end this war by surrendering or by attempting to come to some truce arrangements. However, we are well aware of your plans once you have finished preparing for 0.3, so don't expect us to lightly call this off just so you can regroup and come at us at a time of YOUR choosing.

    And by the way, get over your problems with August please. There are FAR more than just August calling for IUA blood here.
  • Please August, do not play the proof game with me. I can go way back before the WLS war and show Proof that you have been conspiring to declare war with the WOR for months now!

    My statements made about that were to tell the coalition to prepare for a war that was inevetable with you. I know for a fact that you would have declared against us if it wasn't for the fact that your attentions had to be diverted to the WLS!

    You have wanted this for a loooooong time and have just been waiting to gather your proof from your spy to have a so-called justified reason to declare. I am fully aware that you still have a spy in the WOR and that is where your proof is coming from

    Don't talk to me about playing with honor, 6 HBC members tried to gang up on my captain, to "teach a lesson".

    This is not at all aimed at the HBC as a whole I know members in their that do have a good deal of honor and play the game with great intelligence and skill.

    Go ahead and have your war August we all know that is what you have been wanting.
  • just from a curious soul can i see proof of these insults. as we know from previous wars thats wars based on insults can not be taken seriously without proof.
  • August, the most passionate guy of the forum, here he stands. All his big voice, all his big talk! He is the first to make a CR! An amazing CR! Let me take all of you back in time. Back to the last summer. Back to the point, where three guys met.

    It's the oldest topic in the WOR forum, but it is still there. This is the topic on which WOR was founded. Paraclies and I met August, at that time called fena, for the first time. Paraclies signed a mutual defense pact with August, I signed a mutual defense pact with August. Then all three of us agreed on making a coalition. Some dream of multiple alliances working together to protect, to trade, to make fun together. This coalition is still known today, as WOR.

    One of the three founders broke lose from the other two. Fena was no longer part of our dream. The reason is still unknown, but the fena we knew back then is not the August we know today. Back in the days, he agreed to do everything for peace, nowadays, all he does is working on Piracy policies.

    The reason is unknown, but fena left us with a grudge. He wanted to fight this old dream. He wanted to fight the other two founders. He finally got his chance.

    How much he will say it's not true, the August you see here, has done all this. I'm sorry for HBC, I'm sorry for IUA, I'm sorry for WOR. This war has nothing to do with you, with none of you. They are a cover. Used by the good old fena to fight his old friends.

    I'm sorry for morebeer, who fel for the great actor behind this August. I'm sorry for mike, who posted a CR, and did not know the real reason why he is attacking. I'm sorry for the good old fena. He was a great guy. Unfortunately he has changed.
    Originally by VeronikaViking
    Law: In any situation, Hardstyle will swoop in and make some self-important proclamation about how he and his people will "handle" a situation. (and then all that ever gets done is more self-important proclamations).
  • Not sure where you're getting your delusions from, Hardstyle. This war isn't about August. If he wanted to take on you and Paraclies, he would've had hundreds of opportunities in the last several months. You're the one who can't let go of the past, I'd say.

    But if I had to guess about his reasons for leaving, since you did bring it up, I'd say it's because your coalition was pointless. Your recent posts regarding piracy policies make it clear YOU, at least, don't think any force is justified on account of it being bullying. High-minded idealism is meaningless if you won't put your money where your mouth is.

    I'd say Nick, not Mike as you seem to think, knows EXACTLY why he posted a CR. And the only fooling going on here is from you, attempting to convince everyone that this is about something it's not.

    Edit: Nickhyde, is it necessary to provide proof of these insults? Paracles himself has admitted to them above. We can provide them, of course, but we're not allowed to post private in-game messages without consent.
    If you're still interested though, I'll collect what we've got and PM a link to you.

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  • I'm not supposed to post since I'm not in a diplomatic position, but... HBC, don't you need some kind of goal before you declare war, especially a war right out of the blue?
  • Originally posted by Kobalt Blu
    I'm not supposed to post since I'm not in a diplomatic position, but... HBC, don't you need some kind of goal before you declare war, especially a war right out of the blue?

    An excellent question, Kobalt. I'm glad that atleast one person in your coalition is focused on the war instead of trying to sneak lies past Alpha's eyes.

    Our goal is your surrender, as well as a full apology to our Corsairs.

    nickhyde007, what would you like proof on? We would be happy to supply them to Alpha, although it will undoubtedly not look good for your coalition... your lies, your deceit, your hypocrisy.

    As far as the subject of me? Anybody wondering about the true story is welcome to message me about it, although it really has no relevance to the current war. I believe it not to be an appropriate subject for discussion in a topic about the war. HBC is trying to avoid the drama that has plagued so many of Alpha's wars in the past, but it seems like WOR is fighting in their traditional style of masses of lies rather than logic or action, and trying to further focus our anger towards them.

    One by one, your house falls down. Your argument of us declaring war over DylanMike is flawed - at best. Your argument of me being spiteful (me?) has failed and is completely untrue. What is next? That I'm actually a cheese-muncher from the moon bent on taking over Alpha server?

    Pathos will not work, Hardstyle. You have neither the ethos, nor the logos to support your poor claims, and any adequate "coalition diplomat" would realize that you are... empty-handed in your attacks and are better off just calling it a day. Instead, you dig yourself further and further into your ditch. Accept the war for what it is, and then fight it. I have no interest in spending the majority of time on these forums bantering back and forth with liars and cheaters.

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  • Morebeer, I think that history is the most important crystal boll for the future. History is a log, of everything human beings did right and wrong, it's something we should learn from, other then just put it aside. History is what makes humans able to look ahead.

    I am surprised to see your attack on me. For some reason, I thought you were better then that. I did not attack you in my last post, nor did i give any reason for you to attack me. If you think that you should attack me, please let me know. I always take responses seriously, I can learn from them, as should you.

    Many big words have been spoken today already, even thought the day is still young. But can someone from the HBC finally tell us why this war is started. Obviously, I can make a very good guess, but since i don't want to put any words in your mouth, I won't tell it. I hope it'll be an honest answer, on that can be seen as something to build from.

    I do not give permission for posting ANY ingame messages, unless the sender of the message is aware of it, and agrees with posting. You can threaten us all you want, but you have to play this by the rules. And currently, they are on our side.

    You have broken the chain of peace. The chain has never been broken, not even once! You have broken the chain, you must feel the power of our demons! You shall feel the power of our demons. UNLEASH THE DEMONS!
    Originally by VeronikaViking
    Law: In any situation, Hardstyle will swoop in and make some self-important proclamation about how he and his people will "handle" a situation. (and then all that ever gets done is more self-important proclamations).
  • I care more about how, at least from my vantage point, this is a low, rotten surprise attack, and now we're in a "war" that no one in the IUA, at least, wants to fight, AT ALL. Please do not attribute to me viewpoints and concerns that I do or do not have, fena.
  • Kobalt, talking about low, rotten, surprise attacks, how about IUA's surprise attack on DylanMike while he was away on vacation?

    The war isn't about him, but please, don't throw rocks around when you live in a glass house yourself.

    And a surprise attack from us? Blame the own ineptitude of your leaders for not knowing that this was coming. Did you really expect to try to kick us around and then skip away scotch-free?

    Originally posted by Hardstyle

    You have broken the chain of peace. The chain has never been broken, not even once! You have broken the chain, you must feel the power of our demons! You shall feel the power of our demons. UNLEASH THE DEMONS!

    I'm sure that most of Alpha doesn't understand a single thing Hardstyle is trying to say.

    Hardstyle, I'll use a picture to demonstrate the entirety of all your arguments lumped together:

    nickhyde, MoreBeer is in charge of our intelligence. As soon as you point out a claim we have made that you would like to dispute, MoreBeer would be happy to call you on your lie. But please, remember that the more you do, the further you dig yourself into your ditch.

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  • Originally posted by Hardstyle
    You have broken the chain of peace. The chain has never been broken, not even once! You have broken the chain, you must feel the power of our demons! You shall feel the power of our demons. UNLEASH THE DEMONS!

    Strong words.
    Are you declaring war then? We know your feelings on this, Hardstyle. You have taken this personally and are intending to attack August regardless of the consequences. Are you going to drag the entire WOR into your personal quest for vengeance? We fully expect the entire WOR to get involved, but it'd be a pleasant surprise to see you instead decide to allow people to work out their own issues. I'm not holding out much hope though. You come across as high and mighty on the public forums, but your true nature is captured in a handful of screenshots I have in my possession.

    I also note: the board rules forbid public posting of the contents of PMs without consent. The rules do NOT prevent me from PMing those screenshots to interested parties. They also do not prevent me from revealing messages from non-Ikariam forums.

    The rules are not "in your favor". They are the rules, plain and simple. The truth will come out, whether we have your permission or not.

    Again, anyone wishing proof can PM me. Even WOR members who are already fully committed to war everywhere but in public. This fight is about honor. We have it, and we have nothing to hide.
  • MoreBeer what up mann haven't talked to in a minute or so! August your looking good BUDdy! I just woke up read some messages found out I'm at war so I will say DAAAANG!!!!

    August August August..... You are so out there mann! Really taking advantage of whatever you can to make this game exciting. Kudos my once well never friend! I was shocked that someone of MoreBeer's good will and brains didn't take the reigns but somehow you managed to get the Lead!

    You have found your Hill until we knock you from it! (we have playing king of the hill in the Forums lol) Well I think everyone sees through you August but I am not sure. We were never going to Declare War on you or any other Alliance. I have never ONCE thought of declaring War on ANYbody in this Game!!! Not to mention an Alliance. I never have liked you but I can't Lead a 100 people to War because I don't like someone or a number of players currently residing in Alliances you do not like because they told you they weren't going to put up with your down right dirty tricks there! WHEEEEW! that was a mouth full! Fena/August Sky/August as you now want to be called are Full of it and IUA will stand for OURS!
  • funny, I actually had a good laugh about it. I don't mind that you call that one invalid. As long as you carry the other ones in your heart, or even better in your mind.

    So, then why do you fena, make such a hard comment on Kobalt. First your alliance calls him the 'only person that thinks about the war', and that you make this kind of comments. You say i have no diplomacy, true, I do not. But this shows you have neither. I know you have enough honor in there to give him an honest and nice answer, but Instead you pick on him and do this. In dutch we don't have a nice word for it. The English do though: pathetic!

    I am also very happy you state not all of alpha gets the last argument. This tells me you did. And this one was aimed at you. It might have been worded little strange, but i was sure you would not care for great sentences. As long as the real meaning of it is clear.

    I'm sorry to tell you that the WOR members are not really scared. Instead of even talking about war, the chatbox was filled with a conversation about the price of researching! lol! researching! It's more important then the war with HBC. That can only mean to things:

    1. For some reason, they are def. not scared of HBC.
    2. researching is the most important thing on the world.

    Make you choice. I made mine. Come and get me.

    You talk about ethos and pathos, fena, be careful there. I know you have to prove that you are more clever then I am. I know that is an ego thingy you have. I also know that i am not worried about it. Even if you are smarter then me, It's not like I'll sleep less tonight. Other then that, you have no ethos either, just because the word died 2500 years ago.
    Originally by VeronikaViking
    Law: In any situation, Hardstyle will swoop in and make some self-important proclamation about how he and his people will "handle" a situation. (and then all that ever gets done is more self-important proclamations).