How can I raise the happiness in town??

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  • RE: How can I raise the happiness in town??

    As you gain citizens Happiness drops till it hits zero.

    A few thing you can do to increase it.

    Research wine press, build a tavern. Each building lvl gives you happiness. Serve wine in the tavern gives you more happiness.

    Research Cultural Exchange and then you can build a Museum. Each lvl gives you a small boost. Then you can sign Cultural Treaties with other players and for each CT you can display an item in your Museum for another Happiness boost.

    There are a few Researches that increase happiness as well, I think the first is well digging, then Holiday(not 100% sure) and Utopia.

    Also as you build new colonies, keep your Gov's Residence at the proper level to have 0 corruption.
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  • Yes, ugga.
    You have two ratings that are tied together. Your satisfaction is the amount of "happiness boosting stuff" you have in the town. Your happiness rating is the difference between your satisfaction and your population. If you have more satisfaction than people, your people are "happy" and your population will rise. If you have more people than satisfaction, your people are "unhappy" and your population will fall. The closer your population and satisfaction are to each other, the slower the population rate of change... and when population exactly equals satisfaction, your population will be stable.
  • Yes your happiness goes down. Think of it this way, when you increase you town hall the max number of people your town can hold goes up. Your happiness is the amount of people you can have. So if it says for example you have 34 happiness you can have 34 more citizens. As long as your town hall can hold them.

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