Tags for the Boards

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  • Tags for the Boards

    Looking for some sig designers to make some templates for Staff Tags and a few Special Tags.

    Looking for something along the lines of the below Size.

    Can be a bit bigger in size, don't have to use the banner and the style is open for each person to play with.

    This is not a contest, no awards or prizes

    You can use any style of text etc you like.

    Just make a few if you like so we as a staff can pick out what they like the best.

    Then if possible, I would like the person's design the staff likes the most to possibly make a Tag for each of our needs to be used.

    On such tag will be a monthly Sig Artist Winner Tag for them to display for a month, maybe longer, will determine that later.
    R.I.P Carrie

    Sig By: Keteri
    Annie's Hope
  • I made it a try...



    I felt like it would be the best to use colours that already are in use on the layout at the forum...

    I planned to make them the same width as the avatars, (150px), though I noticed that there were a 2px border as well... :(
  • ok then here is mine, i havent done any words in them but this would be the theme. since i dont have anything more then microsoft paint :P


    as well i can change the background to whatever color code the board uses

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  • I have had these for quite a while now, created em for the old boards, but they will work to at least show what they can look like, since now we have a bit bigger in size.

    | |

    | | |
  • HAHAHAHHAHA I LOVE the drama llama! So cute!

    Great job everyone! Keep up the good work.
    Keep in mind that these will be placed to the left side of a post and should be small enough to fit in that space.
    (~ 150px in width)
  • I would totally use the llama. <_<

    Also: :bump: (sorry!) It would be nice if we could get a whole bunch of ideas and then choose what suits us, the boards, and the feel of the game best.

    The ideas so far are all pretty neat, I'm in total awe of everyone who makes sigs and art for these boards. You guys are great. :D Thanks for the effort.

    One account to rule them all.