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    • "Discussion" Thread for FAQ

      Hello all Ikariamites.

      As you can see we went ahead and made a new FAQ. We wanted to go ahead and ask for your input and see if there are any questions you thought were asked frequently enough to make our FAQ guide thingy. Updated FAQ

      If you have any suggestions please just post them here and we will add them as needed.

      Oh, and one last thing. If you have a suggestion please post the Question AND Answer.
    • Given the purpose of the thread (for 0.3), including a FAQ about bureaucracy is redundant. You should take that out as there clearly WILL be buildings to put there.
      You should also include a note in the "what is pushing" question that pushing is against the rules. Someone coming across it right now might assume it's there as a suggestion or recommendation.
    • an update on treaties woud be good. This is how I see it, but others may have better knowledge than I. Might as well include a general description as well.

      If you are unable to make or break a treaty of any kind, this has been fixed in v3.0 and you should have no problems. If you do have any issues, check the bugs section of the forum to see if anyone else has already found a solution to them.

      Trade Treaties
      If your trade partner has a offered to buy or sell goods you can all ways see the offer no matter the level of your trade post or the distance to theirs. If you trade with them the trade is guaranteed, that is someone else can't get there first and take it.
      In v2.8 it was possible to cheat with the trade treaty, as MoreBeer said "If you sign a trade treaty with an enemy, find out his towns, then break the treaty, you're bug-using and can be banned. If you use the treaty the way it's meant to be used though, you're fine."
      In v3.0 the opportunity to cheat with trade treaties has been removed.

      Cultural Treaties
      Museums are able to display `cultural goods', each of which gives satisfaction bonus of +50. You can only display as many cultural goods in a town as you have museum levels in that town and each cultural good can only be displayed in one town at a time. A cultural treaty is between you and another player. You can only have one with each player, and with each treaty you get one cultural good each.
      v3.0 brings no great change to cultural treaties, apart from bug fixes.

      Military Treaties
      **DO NOT WORK YET**
      Towns who share a military treaty allow the other to station troops within them. They can be stationed in order to help defend a town or in order to launch an attack from that town. While troops are stationed in such a manner they cost double upkeep.
      Although in v3.0 military treaties still don't work there should be no big problem with making them. You should be able to dissolve them without issue, except maybe satisfaction drop! :D

      from the bugs forum:

      Treaty Bugfixes:
      * Cheating with trade treaty.
      * Unable to accept/terminate military treaties
      * Unable to accept/terminate peace treaties
      * Unable to accept/terminate trade agreements
      * Unable to accept/terminate Cultural Goods Treaties
      * Trade treaties revealing all of the players coordinates even if not accepted

      feel free to change and edit as seems fit

    • Suggestion for Resources

      I know we have a warehouse for extra stuff that we dont use in our colonys that is kept from pillagers but i also think we should get larger number of resources alotted to us so we can be able to upgrade much faster and build much faster.Also i think when it comes to alliances the friends we make should be able to instantly join or decline if we are able to send a formal invite.Also i feel more experienced players should help the new ones with resources when they need it.
    • Hey has anyone ever heard of a prob with the request new password function?

      I have requested a new password about 6 times over 3 or 4 days and it never arrives.
      Ikariam is def not blocked, my e-mail security is low so everything goes to my inbox...
      there is no "action denied" message so its the right e-mail,
      and it says that a random e-mail has been generated and sent...

      any suggestions?:huh:

      (besides don't forget your password newb) :headwall:
    • @utexasrocks
      I think you should add more info about occupation,trade highscore,attack highscore and defense highscore.
      And some changes made in the new version 3.1 :7:
    • @KSoze

      Only if you are the leader. The leader donates diplomacy points so you can recruit more members. However, when you upgrade your embassy you are able to sign trade and garrison treaties.
    • @KSoze

      you don't need build embassy in each town you colonize you only need one embassy but if your the leader you need more diplomatic points so that you can recruit many member.
    • Supplying my colony

      I don't know how to supply my colony without selling resources to myself. Also, how do I send troops from my capitol to protect my colony?