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Ikariam team

  • I apologize for calling you a liar as I don't think you lied as much as much as mis-represented your situation. However, I do not appreciate your aggressive tone with Lady Arcane, thus the rude comment.

    Acting in such a fashion is not an advisable way to get disputes resolved amicably.

    As far as donating, you need to understand, we ALL have things we want to build, but those of us that care about progressing in the game know that you HAVE to donate to get ahead. Low level sawmills and mines only get us so far. So why is it fair that some get to coast along and donate when they feel like it and others have to carry them?

    If you can't donate in large amounts (like some of us are able to do), It's so easy to just donate small amounts every day and it doesn't hurt as much. How hard is it to donate 500 or a 1000 wood a day to each?

    I really cannot understand the mentality of "my needs are more important", especially when EVERYONE benefits from everyone pitching in.
    "It is the nature of stars to cross"

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  • I will also let the "offending" XtrII member made aware of the no-bashing rules.

    But please be forewwrned. I will not tolerate your attitude towards me in PM's when I was trying to get info on which member it was.

    When i told you what alliance I was in all I got was :bye:
  • HE has been reprimanded

    This discussion is over. He has been chastised for his remarks and apologized to the offended parties. As of 1pm cst he has become a member of Legion of 12. He has made promises about making certain donations and will fullfil them. He is being tutored in the proper way to handle these cituations. If anyone has a problem with him feel free to pm me. As kimber has seen I will protect my weeker members personaly. I also found his tone insulting and chastied him before 2pm cst.

    Arcblood leader of Legion of 12