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  • Adding a signature and avatar

    First make, find, or have someone make a signature and avatar you like.

    Signature Pictures may not exceed 500px (width) by 150px (height) (new size limit as of 12/1/09) and the Datafile can't exceed: 80 kb. Signatures are not uploaded to the board, they must be hosted elsewhere and linked with the command

    Avatars can have the file extensions gif, jpg, jpeg, or png and a maximum size of 150*150 pixels and 45 kB. Avatars are uploaded to the board, so you will need either the weblink (http: // or the location and name of the file on your computer.

    Photobucket is a popular place to host pictures, and is where mine are hosted, so that will be my example. If you don’t have a Photobucket account, or an account at another photo hosting site, or personal webspace to host your signature, you will need to create an account somewhere, then upload your at least your signature picture. TIP FROM MIGHTY: THE FOLDER NAME CANNOT HAVE A SPACE IN IT. On Photobucket, when you hover over a picture, it gives you several “addresses” for that picture. If your avatar is on Photobucket, rather than your computer, you will need the “Direct Link” code for the avatar picture. For the signature, use the IMG Code. You can copy and paste each of these to Notepad if you have difficulty switching tabs or browser windows.

    Once your signature is hosted on the internet, and also your avatar, or you know where on your computer your avatar is saved, you are ready to put them on your board account.

    Log into the board and find “My Profile” at the top of the page and click on the link

    In “My Profile”, find the button for Avatar and click it.

    The avatar page has a place to upload your avatar from your computer, or to get the picture from somewhere else on the internet. If the avatar is located on the computer you are working from, click the “browse” button and find the directory, select the file, click submit at the bottom of the page and you are done. If the avatar is located on the internet, perhaps on photobucket, you need the address (the “direct link” http: //www…. from photobucket) and type or paste it in the “Download avatar” section, click submit and you are done!

    Signatures have some more options, such as text, but to put a simple picture as your signature, click on the Signature button in “My Profile”

    If you are using photobucket, you can simply paste the “IMG” code into the space and you are done! You can select the image and center it, add a small amount of text, etc.

    Preview your picture, and if it is the way you want, then click Submit.

    If your picture is hosted on personal webspace and you have the URL (such as http:/ /, then click the picture button

    and enter the URL in the pop up box

    This will put the URL between the IMG tags. Then Preview, tweek alignment if you wish, and click Submit.