Ikariam market business guide

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  • Ikariam market business guide

    This isn't a get rich quick scheme, it takes time.

    This guide can help you get more resources and fund larger armies, gold is a powerful thing.

    Now you will want 2 trading colonies, both should have high defences and walls, high level trading ports, and high level warehouses.

    Colony A should have the highest possible level trading post and a larger warehouse.
    Colony B should doesn't need anything but a low level trading post and a medium or large warehouse, however you will want the trading port to be very large.

    Colony A: Searches for buying and selling offers with the high level trading post and sends out missions to get the best offers, it also sells goods by offers stored in the trading post.
    Colony B: Posts buy offers at lower prices then the sell offers in colony A and ships them over to colony A, doesn't search for buy offers, it offers them.

    Now lets give a scenario:

    Colony A:


    Colony B:


    As you can see here, every good is covered for buy and sell, so everyone should be doing business with you and you will make profit because you sell for more then you buy.

    Well lets say someone else nearby is selling marble:

    His offer: Marb/Sell@22/5,000 vs Your offer: Marb/Sell@25/10,000

    Now you could set your price to 21, or you could buy his offer and change your offer to:


    Now you will make 3 profit on everything you bought from him instead of waiting for his goods to get bought or losing profit from lowering your price, eliminate the competition!

    OK, here's the third war type option:


    You see their offer is at a lower price then yours, well go send out a ship to buy 1 of his good, then you will get a report linking to his town afterwards and can attack him and steal everything he was selling, they can't sell what they don't have, and you can sell what you took.


    Well if someone is buying stuff at higher prices then you, you could sell them stuff, but sometimes you don't want to, instead blockade them, buy 1 good to find their location, then send a blockade, one of 2 things will happen, they will pull the buy offer until the blockade is over, or if they don't, when someone shows up with the goods to sell them your blockade loots the goods and you get them without having to pay for them, though if the person that sent the ships over to pay for them has a strong military they might attack you, so just because the target has not military doesn't mean it is safe to blockade them.

    So remember(not prioritised):

    1. Buy at low prices
    2. Sell at high prices
    3. Get many ships
    4. Eliminate better deals by taking them or attacking them
    5. Offer to buy and sell all goods for better coverage
    6. Try to get the largest range possible
    7. Have good defences
    8. Make sure it is within market value, don't sell marble at 71 and buy it for 6, it would be good if someone took you up on those offers, but at those prices even if there are no other options, they will not be taken, sorry

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