Two players pillage someone

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Ikariam team

  • Two players pillage someone

    I pillage a player and another player got there later in the fight and after the fight was over the other player got the goods and I got nothing. Is this going to be fix cause it has happen to me a few times.
  • its happened to me too right after 3.0 came out what i did was message the other player and ask "how much loot you get? for some reason i got nothing" and the player has become an unofficial ally to me
  • If this is a continuous problem for then you should consider sending a few ships to blockade the harbor while you pillage. Then you will have no more worries. :goodluck:
  • This is a bug. There is no way around it. You have to attack seperately or one player will get no loot, Attacking jointly is good to destroy the army, other than that its a waste of time. Additionally you can send a smaller army behind your main army in seperate waves.. that way after your main army dismantles the defenses.. you'll attack and plunder it. Becareful of the bashing rule when doing this though, as it will count as 2 attacks.