Rule Clarification: Intentional Malicious Pushing.

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  • Rule Clarification: Intentional Malicious Pushing.

    I'm a prolific pillager.

    Last night, to my suprise, an island-mate sent resources to me with the intention of getting me banned. I'm fortunate enough to be online and still fortunate enough to read the town advisor at the right moment otherwise I will never see it as it get's pushed to the second page as my town advisor is busy with pillage reports from all over. It turns out the player who sent the resources was being pillaged and blockaded by one of my alliance mates (not me) and in his frustration tried to intentionally push me instead. However I have blockades and all my ships are already half-way on a 5hr20min big pillage, and am readying to turn myself for the night. So I figure I will just return the resources the next day as my ships return. To get my bases covered I filed a GO ticket informing them of the situation stating practically the same thing as I have said here . Lo and behold as I logged-in the next morning, I am in the pillory for pushing(pushed).

    Now my questions. Do you mean to tell us that we really have to return the resources RIGHT AWAY WITH NO EXCEPTIONS? That we have to recall a big long profitable pillage to return the resources and wait for hours for the ships to come back even if we have to sleep already? Just because a malicious pusher sent meager resources? And if not we will get banned?

    I know the ban may just be temporary(I hope so!) but the inconvenience of returning the resources you don't want, and now being banned and not able to play I think is just unfair. The procedure of outright banning due to intentional malicious pushing is unfair to the one being pushed: i.e. the victim, who even reported it to the GO to get his bases covered. Can you at least wait for the lapse of 48hrs limit before you apply the ban?

    On hindsight It crosses my mind that I shouldn't have reported the incident to the GO and just return the resources in the morning, and then farm the pusher for eternity.

    To the mods: This is not a ban discussion. It's a rule clarification and also as my way of letting others know what will happen if they are in a similar situation and so can plan their actions.
  • i thought you had 48 hours to return goods

    rules wrote:

    V. Pushing

    It is not allowed for any account to obtain unfair profit out of a lower ranked account in a matter of resources.

    This includes but is not limited to:

    * Resources sent from a lower ranked account to a higher ranked one with nothing tangible in return.
    * "Loans" that are not returned within 48 hours.
    * Trades in which the higher ranked player does not return the resources within 48 hours.

    * Trades that mean an unfair profit to the higher ranked player by make use of range of ratios which are far off the world-specific ones.

    i would think of this as an unasked for loan but its up to the GO
  • I believe the GO may have errored in banning you, if all that you say is true.. you are allowed 48 hours from the time they arrived at your docks to put them on ships and send them back. Submit a GO ticket and provided you are telling the truth, this will be clarified. Sadly for the other guy, his ban will not be clarified. Keep in mind that even if you are unbanned, you STILL MUST RETURN THE RESOURCES. even if your ban is not clarified, and you wait it out, you still have to return the resources.
  • I am telling the truth.

    As the logs would show.

    I have submitted a ticket and a GO have apologized and lifted the ban saying I should send the resources back ASAP, which actually what I have planned to do if they hadn't banned me. Unfortunately, I found out the ban is not lifted instantaneously. I still have to wait for the 48hrs vacation mode the GO put me to to lapse before I can login again.

    And so it brings forth another issue. I have been playing by the rules. I submitted a ticket informing the GO of the malicious pushing, I still got banned.
    Now that it's sorted out, why can't they just remove the ban instantaneously and not wait for the 48hrs vacation lapse.

    Unfortunately during those 48-hr period I would have accumulated hundred thousands of resources from my mines and hundred thousand of resources from pillages. Those are lost due to some player sending me a couple thousand of resources I did not want.

    Why would I receive the brunt when I am playing by the rules? And since they already sorted it out why do I have to wait out the 48hr vacation mode period before I can login again? It's not my fault.

    edit: I just realized that this kind of procedure can be abused. Like in times of war you can put important players out of commission for 48 hours by sacrificing small players.

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  • If the Pusher was banned, I think I'd go with your idea when he gets back...PERMAFARM. I'd blockade his port perpetually, even if only with one ship (though I'd recommend more than that), and I'd send troops six times every day without fail. He would never mine a resource that didn't go to me, and he'd never get a single bottle of wine through his ports if I could afford to prevent it. He may turtle up and try to produce gold for awhile, but without wine he's going to drop in population and eventually he'll go inactive out of frustration or boredom.

    If he wasn't banned, I'd send his goods back but time it so you have your troops on his doorstep just seconds after they arrive so you can take them right back from him again. That will teach him to push. Then initiate operation PermaFarm. :)

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  • that almost sounds more lucrative than pillaging..

    at least on the surface it would seem so....

    well, i wonder what way you would have to remedy that situation...if you get back and scoop boy from swoop ville has trashed your entire army and navy pillaged every last stick and res you posses,.... there might not be enough time to bang up an army and chase the mats and res down nor, get some sort of military built to recoup from the various people who scooped you while 'Indisposed"...

    i think that unless you read the rules some new way they pretty much say you have some difinitive chunk of time to right the loan and if you did not request the loan then you have a chunk of time to either return whatever was sent or what would be considered a fair trade in free trading..

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