Abandon and Blockade

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  • RE: Abandon and Blockade

    imnotgosu wrote:

    If you are being blockaded 24/7 without any gaps at all is there a way for you to abandon your town? ANY possible way.
    Nope, but you can use another town to create ships and break the blockade.
    also stop your workers so that your attacker doesn't get anything when he pillages your town.
  • How about a GO intervention?

    See I am the one blockading a town 24/7, my purpose is to deplete it of wine among other things. One moment I see the blockade is there and after a few minutes of doing other things I prepare to send off the replacement blockade, but the town is gone. I looked at my troop movements and the navy isn't there returning to my port. It seems the town was abandoned and my ships teleported home.

    Is this a bug?

    edit: another player filed a related bug report here.

    edit2: actually I wasn't sure if my ships teleported back home, or it also vanished like what happened on the mentioned bug report.

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  • If you sent your forces in two different waves, and then tried to break off one of the waves to return home while the other force was still engaged, this will trigger a bug where your forces just "disappear" for the amount of time they would be travelling home, and then "reappear" in your town as if by magic. This is the case also if it's a ground battle, and if it's a pillage you will receive NO GOODS for the pillage. Basically the advice here is "don't mess with forces that are already engaged, unless you intend to withdraw the whole lot of them".

    This may not be what your problem was, but then again it might be.
  • pardon me, i can block someone as many times as i want,not time limit, can i send a blockade before the other one the i sent finish blocking the town?
    thanks. :1:

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