Vashanka's Troubles aganst Alexp

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  • Vashanka's Troubles aganst Alexp

    Hey everyone, you probably have no idea who I am, but that's not very necessary for the time being. Anyway, in past weeks up to now, Vashanka (A fellow friend of mine) has been farmed multiple times by PDG's one and only Alexp. At first Vash had only just dismantled his military on account of inactivity and was not able to defend the attack, but after rebuilding and retraining his army Vash was doing fine until again another attack came from Alexp. That's what started this whole thing. keep in mind at this time Alex's score was about 169k and Vash 59k. General scores were Alex's 3,500 and Vash's 850. Even a toddler could say that Alexp had the better military and score. Several angry diplomatic messages later, peace lasted for seven days. Then Alex attacked yet again. After more diplomacy and Blades47, PDG's leader, refusing to talk anymore, some terms of peace were drafted between Vash and Tigger2, my leader. In this case "Me" is Vash. Here they are:

    1. He'll pay me 100K in Crystal (less than he actually pillaged from me in the last few weeks).

    2. He'll bring his island donations upto 400K per resource on the island I share with him. (I'll give him 45 days for this) That's a total of 200K he'll have to donate to Crystal and 300K to wood. He has six islands and if he took every last maxout island it could be met within 9 days. I did the math.

    I will agree to meet these levels once he has complied, and will raise my donations by 1K per day until he has at which time I will meet the donations by donating all mined wood from that island daily.

    3. He is never to attack me again. Should he break this the terms will be worse next time.

    These are personal terms, and fair for the trouble he caused me.


    So now I ask you if these are fair terms, and if not then what should be done about it? SBSST will not let this drop, or go to war about it. Somewhere in the middle of those. Also, in case you're wondering, diplomatic channels were cut before the terms could be sent. A full story of what happened will be posted by Vash momentarily.

    ~The (Awsome) Diplomat of SBSST, Kinglet
  • RE: Vashanka's Troubles aganst Alexp

    Here is the story of what has been going on.

    From the Moment created a colony on the island shared with Alexp he has done everything he could to make my stay on this island a nightmare. Part of it was my fault.

    At first (just after the upgrade to .3.0) I was attacked several times by Alexp which were my fault. I had no military and had a good deal of crystal and wood in my town to be taken. I ignored the first few attacks until Alexp sent me a message saying to Build a military if I want to stop being attacked. (I was at the time less than 10K total score). I built a minor Military on the island and after being pillaged in my Wine Colony Y2 another player in the game in the Alliance of -C- Directed me to Tigger2 of SBSST and recommended I talk to him about Joining there Alliance to help assist.

    Well after This point I went inactive for a business trip so I stopped mining all resources except wine and got a friend to send about 1000 in wine daily to my towns while I was away. I did this for two main reasons. I wanted my research to continue, and I wanted to be able to buy trading ships when I returned. When I got back, I left my Military down and restarted mining. My own damn fault for not building a defence and Alexp sent a couple attacks removing me of excess materials.

    Well after this point I remembered Alexp original and only message to me back when I was tiny and rebuilt my the Military I could sustain without limiting my own growth. This consisted of 40 Phalanx, 40 Gunsman, 10 Archers, and 10 flame thrower ships in the two towns I had close to Alexp. I left my other towns defenceless because I only send resources to my wine and sulphur towns as I need them to upgrade. They basically sit with 0 resources (except a small amount of wine which is protected by my wharehouses). This gave me a Military score of 651. My score had just hit 50K which was not in seafaring or Military. Alexp wiped out my military a few times, and I rebuilt. I sent a couple messages to him asking that he leave me alone and work on inactive players or those who had no defence at all. These messages went completely ignored. I didn’t have a lot of resources since I was only trying to get enough wood and marble to upgrade my town hall to lvl 10. After managing to get my town to level 14 thanks to the help of SBSST in trading wine and sulphur for marble I built my Military a little more to the 850 total score and left it completely on the island with Alexp. I left my other towns defenceless. My Alliance at this point as sending me Crystal and Marble from trades to upgrade my units in the workshop and so I could build my barracks and town walls. Alexp wiped my force out with a Military I could not defend against. For the 40 Flame Thrower ships I had he sent over 100 ships 30 of them being dive boats. And for the troops I had he sent S giants and more (troops I could not even build).

    At this point I was pissed. I sent a message saying that he needs to stop farming me or he’ll be made to stop. I also contacted his Alliance. This is where peace lasted 7 days. He then attacked again. I finally let my Alliance know what was going on and they started diplomatic talks with Blades24 with PDG demanding Alexp stop. While talks were going on Alexp sent another attack at which I sent one last message saying to stop or he could be pushing this to an alliance war. His reply was “so be it” So at this point SBSST leader Tigger2 set an MWC on the island to defend me. And retaliate if a peaceful solution could not be reached.

    Blades24 during the talks refused to allow our alliance to defend smaller members from the attacks of a larger member, and has promised that if SBSST gets involved in any way militarily it will be war. They also promised that even If I counter on Alexp message quoted below then I will be facing all of PDG. PDG is defending a player who attacks another and when that player is faced with a counter attack from a WEAKER person they threaten that player with a full assault from the entire Alliance. The terms that PDG had for peace is that no action can or will be taken against Alexp for his actions, and Tigger2 must immediately remove his MWC. Also that no compensation could or would be paid.

    Quoted from Blades24

    Kinglet wrote:

    Quote removed.


    A threat about me sending spies into the town of a player who continually attacked me. And at the same time was sending spies into my town that I was catching. Only after I caught the spies from Alexp during the peace talks.

    During the talks Alexp messaged me after Tigger2 set up his MWC saying he would stop attacking but not to tell my leader since he wanted a real fight. Then messaged his leader saying he wants Tigger2 off the island and only wants peace.

    I am hoping peace can be had. I do not want to have to focus my entire military in one town again like I did before Tigger2 put his MWC. PDG and Alexp are not allowing talks to solve this at this point however.

    What he wants is a lower level player he can farm with no chance of retaliation.

    I was drawing up the potential peace treaty and was going to send it to Blades24 when Tigger2 our leader had finally decided these had gone on too long. Blades24 refused to acknowledge that his player was taking escalating this and playing both sides. Also refused to accept that Alexp needed to take responsibility for his actions.

    The Peace treaty we were going to send:

    Conditions of peace:

    1. No Member of either Alliance is allowed to attack an active member of the others alliance without just cause. Just cause to be determined between Leaders at the time. Not by the thoughts of a single member.

    2. Before any attacks are made on an active member of the others alliance, diplomacy is to be sought.

    3. Any unprovoked attacks on a member of either alliance gives the attacked alliance privilege to retaliate on the attacker/aggressor as they see fit unless one of the two following conditions fit:
    a. The attacker and attacked are roughly the same size allowing them to handle it 1v1.
    b. The attacked is greater in size.

    Should either of these conditions apply a 1v1 will apply and it will be the responsibility of each member to solve the conflict. If any other member of either alliance actively gets involved in offense or defence this will be considered an act of aggression on that Alliance’s side.

    The alliance should only become involved in these situations through diplomatic means.

    4. All Alliance members sharing an island with the other alliance must donate regularly to the island resources of at least 1,000/wk per resource whether currently mining or not until they have a total donated of 10x there towns level for each island resource. Exceptions:
    a.Vacation mode or true inactivity;
    b. Alliance members’ town is below level 10; or
    c. The town is an MWC.

    Should someone not meet the donation requirements diplomatic solutions should be actively sought before considering to attack. If someone is abusing the below level 10 exception clause contact the other alliance diplomat immediately.

    Side Note:
    Locations of cities for alliance member of the other alliance cannot be negotiated and will not change based off the wishes of the other alliance. Peace between our alliance means locations of even MWCs is irrelevant.

    Alexp will be the first to face these rules and SBSST will be granted the right to retaliate against him.
    Option to Alexp:
    to avoid attacks is to repay the resources over a 10 day time period.

    Since then I have built my Acads up and bought out the Research needed to build a force I can defend myself against. I could put up a fight if need be now even though Alexp still have the advantage in the units he can produce compared to what I can. (such as Dive Boats and Mortar Ships).

    ~Ambassador of SBSST

    Verbal warning for posting private messages. Please review the board rules. ~Rico

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  • Well I didn't bother read Vashanka's fairy tale because I've heard about it everyday for the last two weeks. The fact of the matter is this, Alexp saw Vashanka with 60,000+ resources, and no military. He attacked and took them just like anyone else would. I then spoke to SBSST about it, told them the situation etc. 5 days later Vashanka again had 60,000+ resources and no military. I told Alexp not to attack. I was messaged again by Alexp two days later and ok'd it.

    What SBSST must realize is this is an everyday occurrence. When somebody bigger see's the opportunity they take it no matter the other players scores. I know this because 75% of my diplomatic messages end with the knowledge of that result. We have settled for a two week ceasefire between Alexp and Vashanka. If SBSST wants to keep up this drama then so be it because we will not agree to any of your terms. I've stated that I want peace for PDG (Alexp to) and SBSST, yet SBSST is out for blood. I also don't appreciate being quoted without my permission.

    Sorry Delta for the added drama, maybe you all can realize why I have stopped communicating with them.

    Just in case SBSST doesn't understand this, if they sign a peace treaty with us then Alexp cannot harm them, and I should add, WILL NOT under my leadership.


    P.S. For the sake of not being totally stubborn I have read your terms for peace, now hear mine. Once PDG and SBSST sign the peace treaty, NO ATTACKS will take place from either side. There is no being an enemy with a peace treaty. Also, island donations are a completley separate matter. If a PDG member is not donating properly message me and I will deal with them.

    With PDG peace means peace.

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  • RE: RE: RE: Vashanka's Troubles aganst Alexp

    Khorne wrote:

    Vashanka wrote:

    I built a minor Military on the island

    Key word here.

    I did not keep the military Minor after the attacks continued. Alexp kept up attacks with units and ships I could not build or maintain myself.

    Blades keeps refuring the the attacks before I built my army/navy and that is not what this is about. Blades24, I agree 100% that when a player has a 0 military its there own fault. But when I have a military I CAN sustain your member conitnued to attack. When messaged asking to stop they went ignored and until threatened. Then they reponded with a "so be it" responce.

    I am not out for blood. I am out for Alexp to understand that taking out a persons Miltary for the sake of take out that Military is not okay. The last attack only landed him 5K in crystal. And this attack was after you had promised to speak to your member about stopping, but before the 2wk cease fire. That is not 60K that you mention I had.

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  • If I get a couple numbers wrong I apologize but I have nothing to base them off of other than your, and Alexp's word. What I see that has happened is you let Alexp's words get under your skin. Thats the key thing in diplomatic talks, don't get flustered. Regardless of that, here we are. You want to teach Alexp a lesson, but do you honestly think that it is worth the time, the resources, the headache? Alexp doesn't care to learn anything you have to teach.

    The last I heard from Alexp he does not want to battle with anyone from SBSST. Due to this PDG is behind him. I'm not in your guys' heads. If one person tells me the other said this or that I'm inclined to support my member.
  • Thank you So much

    Thank you so much for you concerns as to SBSST time, resources and headaches. We should have realized that the mighty PDG (including Alexp) only wanted what was best for us. We shouldn't take it to heart that your player attacked an SBSST player and then whines about how he really didn't mean it, he does want a retaliation. How was he to know SBSST would take an unprovoked attack as an act of war. I forgot he obviously doesn't know how to read or he doesn't understand my message to him: "What are you doing, this attack against an SBSST player is an attack against the alliance and will be treated as such". I wish you and he would have worried about the time, the resources and the headache while he bullied Val with his 4 or 5 time advantage. I wish he had wanted a battle against an SBSST player instead of his taking advantage of (oops, my mistake, while he educated) a weaker player. I wish he had attacked me or any one even remotely near his military points. As a matter of fact now that I know his coordinates and how weakly defended he is, I wish he would attack me. In fact if ANY One wants a pretty easy farm, PM me and I will gladly share a couple of the PDG players coordinates.

    Oh, by the way, like you I am inclined to support my member so please note:.

    Looking for players to join us in playing the game as a team to provide free trade and protection. We stand by each other in growth and war. Beware to those that wrong us singularly or as a group. We are Family SBSST (Sad But So So True)

  • Sooooo.....Is this gonna be a war, or you guys just airing out your PM's?

    As a matter of fact now that I know his coordinates and how weakly
    defended he is, I wish he would attack me. In fact if ANY One wants a
    pretty easy farm, PM me and I will gladly share a couple of the PDG
    players coordinates.
    I got some free time, since the WTF'rs keep running from me.
  • tigger2 wrote:

    As a matter of fact now that I know his coordinates and how weakly defended he is, I wish he would attack me. In fact if ANY One wants a pretty easy farm, PM me and I will gladly share a couple of the PDG players coordinates.

    Alexp a player 150k less total score has a better general score then you. So just send them the location to your towns it would be a much easyer pillage. like most of SBSST.
  • RE: Thank you So much


    You complain that Alexp picked on a "weaker" SBSST player, but when you threaten to send your entire alliance to attack Alexp, how can you complain when PDG does the same thing you're doing by helping protecting its member? Hypocrite much?

    This is the third (documented) time another alliance has had an issue with SBSST's reaction to a pillage of an SBSST player. Perhaps you need to get out of that mental fort and revise that curb stomp policy you're so fond of throwing around.


    P.S. - Alliance introductions belong in the Alliance Introduction thread. Stop spamming your own member's cheese-and-whine thread.
  • The only way that this will turn into a war is if SBSST declares war on PDG. The entire purpose of this thread is to cry out to Delta that the little alliance SBSST was accosted by the large alliance PDG. Tigger2 has been threatening me from the beginning that he will get his higher point friends to attack PDG. So in essence SBSST is using the "weak alliance" front to enrage enough people to attack PDG in the name of SBSST. (We all know what happens in these situations, look at the NOW vs -C- conflict)

    That is the only way PDG and SBSST will war. PDG was a "weak alliance" once to and I would never wish a war on another such alliance in that position. However, opportunity knocked on Alexp's door, and I allowed him to take it like any other player would have.
  • Please pay attention

    I have said that PDG would not be so understanding if another alliance attacked you. If because one of your members of low level military was attacked repeatedly you would respond by protecting your player. I have said you believe it is in the good of the game for your player to pillage at a 4 to 5 level advantage and then expect a 1 v 1 response from the very player just knocked down with no reprisal. There would be no problem, has been no problem of an SBSST player attacking another alliance. I will say it again, what is good for the goose is /should be good for the gander. SBSST or any alliance out there should expect, under your rules to pillage any member of PDG that it is capable of pillaging with assurance it will remain a 1 v 1.

    Because you gave me permission to post your comments here again is what you said and how I responded:>

    You expect that larger players never attack us. It happens to everyone, if you have 500k points, you are attacked by a 1,000,000 point player. Regardless, I am through speaking to you. Do what you will, and if PDG is attacked, we will defend.

    > . OK if that is the way the game is played, it swings both ways. You obviously have no problem with pillaging my alliance, so where you fit in the food chain is not my concern. I expect your players will be pillaged by other alliances when the opportunity arises and they will move on. Please remember when your player gets pillaged it is part of the game, move on.

    We as an alliance have never acted with aggression toward your alliance or any other. If you have no more respect for my alliance why should I have any for yours. If that is what you expect my friends and I should be ok with pillaging your players. You were appraised of the situation and responded with basically well it's ok, you asked for it, now take it back if you can with a 1 v 1. I will see what I can do but we won't get involved as long as your alliance doesn't. How gracious and fair is that? Would you have responded differently had I pillaged one of your players with 1/4 of my military points, yes I believe so. If not, I fully believe some other players will be testing your alliances creed by pillaging you on a regular basis.
  • A few words of wisdom. It is not the act of a coward to know where and when to withdrawl and/or back down. So instead of trying to draw attention to your own conflict why not resolve it in a peaceful manner. From the posts it looks like PDG is willing to enter a peace agreement. Im sure that will hold back any pillaging from either side.

    Not taking stabs at you or So Sad But True at all. Just some friendly advice.
  • When I was first messaged by Vashanka informing me of the Alexp pillage I was asked by Vashanka to allow him a 1v1 with Alexp. I did not compare points because when a player asks permission for a 1v1 they have already made that comparison. I messaged back in respect to Vashanka wanting to 1v1 with Alexp. When I agreed to it Tigger2 promptly messaged me continuing on with I feel it is ok for my members to attack players half their size.

    Had Vashanka messaged me asking to have Alexp stop attacking from the beginning, I would have. However he did not. I was then informed by Tigger2 that the only reason Vashanka wanted a 1v1 was because he knew that eventually all of SBSST would get involved. I have stated numerous times that I do not care for any aggression between PDG and SBSST yet SBSST persists. Your terms for a peace treaty are ridiculous. If you want peace then its simple, peace is peace. Seeing as my diplomat is away and I am acting diplomat I will be more than happy to send the peace treaty offer to you. Shall I do so?

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  • (My comment was directed at Tigger)

    And that seems fair to all. It hardly seems like more is going to come out of this by SBSST making demands. Lets have some peace on Delta. God Knows NOW and C wont give it to us(just playing with you guys).

    edit: spelling.

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  • RE: Please pay attention

    tigger2 wrote:

    We as an alliance have never acted with aggression toward your alliance or any other.

    And this is where your hypocricy shines.

    Aggression isn't threatening to use multiple players to curb stomp one player?

    Aggression isn't threatening to not only go beyond 1v1, but also go beyond 1 alliance v 1 alliance, and call on your friends in other alliances to fight your battles?

    Just because you won't actually attack or defend anyone doesn't mean your messages aren't an act of aggression.

    tigger2 wrote:

    Please remember when your player gets pillaged it is part of the game, move on.

    Try looking a mirror and repeating this phrase to yourself. Then you may understand why your comments are hypocritical and get you in trouble so often.
  • G2M: 1 Tigger2: 0. (Just trying to keep things light. All in fun.)

    Though Get2Matt does make a valid point. Words can be just as and in some cases more aggresive than actions.
  • Sorry, I never understood how slapping a weaker player is educational.

    Again I am sorry, I failed to understand how a player of 3 or 4 times that of another player pillages and that is fair play but, a counter attack reprisal by an alliance group of players of equal proportions is curb stomping. Aggression is attacking in the first place, the counter attack is retrieving what you stole, not curb stomping!l Please show me an alliance out there that condones this behavior against it's weaker members and responds with 1 v1s, I may take up farming myself. I would be most interested in their coordinates.

    I again quote what I sent to Blades:
    It is pretty common knowledge on Delta an attack on us will result in a response of at least equal proportions. Therefore it relates you have no problem with someone attacking your player as long as they only have a military strength 4 times larger than his. Like I said, what is good for the goose, should also be good for the gander.

    I don't have to call on my friends to fight any battles, if they attack someone it is because they chose to. Like you, maybe they think a 1 v 1 against a lesser player is far to good a deal to pass up.

    I am glad you used that quote because it is an abbreviated quote taken from a conversation of how fair and hypocritical it is to expect a 1 v 1 from players with such huge score discrepancies. It was the response given to my efforts stop Alexp from farming an SBSST player. I used it in an effort to point out the "it is ok if we do it to you argument but, don't even think about it" response to our poor misunderstood players unwarranted aggression. Possibly you might want to consider how long an alliance can survive if its members are farmed without consequences to the farmer.

    What gets me in trouble is defending my alliance from bullies who pronounce it fair to do unto others but not have it done unto them.