FURY Vs. WLS battle --- over 17,000 General score drop!!

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    • FURY Vs. WLS battle --- over 17,000 General score drop!!

      Mongal begins yesterday by trying to attack me alone

      Elmo attacks today in two waves, I send out my troops and leave behind 196 phalanx anticipating Elmo to hit me and win, then come back to smash me in the dust with his 37,000 general score

      I immediately return my troops and catch Elmos second wave along side gauntlet

      Elmo and Mongal return to hit me back, and other FURY members join in as well, this was the big kahuna battle, and was exciting to see. I was worried that i wouldn't get to use my troops before peace, and was glad we all got a chance to have some fun!!

      I would like to thank both sides for a great battle. I was happy to see WLS stick to the battle and not run when they faced greater numbers. this was one of the biggest battles i have seen on Alpha, and think it is a fitting way to close the Alpha world war! Good job to everyone involved!!

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      "You don't know where I've been Lou!!!!"

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    • WoW! Very nice battle. And we all thought the war is coming to a close. Its good that Pheer is now wearing the FURY tag. And some help from Lynn, is she the one from Warrior Nation?
    • Since you asked, I'll answer. I was formerly in Warrior Nation. I went rogue and have decided to experiment with alternate styles of play... Basically I crossed over to the dark side. I am currently rolling solo, though I am sure I will join up with a bunch of hooligans at some point in the near future to contemplate and create anarchy, chaos and whatever else seems fun at the time.

      My participation in last night's battle was minimal. I had a few units in the area, that I gladly sacrificed for a ticket to the closing night show of the Alpha World War. I only knew a few things before clicking the defend button:

      1. That it was all going down at the town of "Beef and Cheese". I skipped dinner, so it sounded good.

      2. The war was supposedly wrapping up.

      3. I was going to probably get my butt handed to me.

      And that's it. I didn't know Elmo was there, or that I would be getting sent so much "LoVeOnThEwAy" for a measly donation of 150 units, but thanks, a girl can never get too much love.

      So, yeah, grats to all that participated. It was an amazing showdown. I wish I could take some credit for it, but my contribution was pretty much tantamount to pouring a gallon of bleach in a sewer pond.