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Ikariam team

  • Approved Tools/Scripts

    Below is a list of approved scripts / tools. Any tool or script NOT on this list are not approved and should not be used by anyone.

    Excel Spreadsheets
    All of the following scripts require Microsoft Excel to function properly.

    Alliance Map
    Alliance MapMap Towns from every member of your alliance (and others) graphically, and show other information relating to the islands they are on.

    Excel Ikariam Map
    A Microsoft Excel map of Ikariam.

    Ikariam Battle Sim
    A simulator where you can calculate attack and defense power for both ground and sea unit.

    Ikariam Excel Map and Travel Time Calculator
    An excel map with a travel time calculator

    Greasemonkey Scripts
    All of these scripts require Firefox with the Greasemonkey add-on installed.

    Animated Ikariam
    Provides animated graphics for FireFox, Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, and Opera users. Siberian theme available for FireFox.

    Allies and Friends Highlighter
    This script allows you to assign other alliances to groups which can be seen in island view. groups are identified by the color of the roof and flag on the city image.

    Alliance Gathering
    This script allows your alliance members to gather data from specific pages and then have the data interpreted from your own backend, please note this requires the construction of your own backend script for the receiving, storing, and interpretation of data.

    CAT Indicator
    This script shows whether you have a cultural treaty with the player via the town display on Island View.

    CAT Sorter
    This will sort your treaties in your museum in alphabetic order either with towns or username depending on the settings you set in the options.

    Citizin Alerter
    Alerts when your town hall is almost full.

    City Distances
    See travel times for various units on the world map view.

    Ikariam Aide-Memoire (Generals Score)
    This script allows you to view the military score of any player from the island view, the infromation is cached to your local computer.

    Ikariam Aide-Memoire (Various)
    A set of scripts similar in nature to the recently approved Aide-Memoire Generals Script, these allow the same functionality for the other scores available (Gold, scientists etc..).

    Ikariam Alliance Sorter
    Adds links in the Embassy and Diplomacy Advisor to sorts the Alliance Members by last active date, name, rank points and number of towns.

    Ikariam Chat Links
    Adds chat links to alliance pages and the top bar.

    Ikariam City Select Reorder Add-on
    Allows you to re-order your towns in the town select drop down menu.

    Ikariam CR Convertor
    Converts CR's to easily pasted formatted reports.

    Ikariam Data Exporter
    It allows you to save the information in the Military Overview (both navy and military units) and the Resources Overview.

    Ikariam Favorite Targets
    Easily track favorite pillage/trade targets. Hover over any target and a link will appear to add to the 'favorites' panel in any military view.

    Ikariam Friend List
    Enables you to have a small button below the diplomacy adviser that expands and offers a friend list.

    Ikariam HelpMe
    Enables a collection of preset templates for Alliance Circular Messages.

    Ikariam Inline Military Strength
    This GreaseMonkey script calculates and displays your attacking and defending military strength of the army in your town when you view your "Troops in town" page

    Ikariam Military
    Displays the attack, defense and stamina scores of a town (in town view).

    Ikariam Missing Resources
    Shows in your building view the amount of resources still needed for upgrading the building. Also has the option to show resources in abundance, and whether to comma seperate the amounts like the Ikariam pages do.

    Ikariam Multi-Page Combat Report Viewer
    This script allows more than 10 Combat Reports to be displayed in the first page of the Military Advisor View.

    Ikariam Pulldown Changer
    Shows the Trade Fleet view with Pulldown Menus always expanded and shows numbers for trade goods and units being transported.

    Ikariam Quick Links
    When first installed, it creates a single Quicklink in the crumbs navigation, which invites you to right-click it. The context menu allows you to add new quicklinks, and edit or remove existing quicklinks.

    Ikariam Remaining Transport Space
    A script to to automatically calculate how much transport space you have left in the amount of ships you're sending out, or how much you should not transport to lose one ship from the transport.

    Ikariam Solarium
    Adds a day and night effect.

    Ikariam Subject
    Can add a subject to your messages: simply put between square brackets the subject in first line.

    Ikariam Transport Countdown
    Converts all times into a countdown instead of a still end time.

    Ikariam World Map
    This script adds a pop-up to the Embassy and Alliance Diplomacy pages to show a world map; it also shows a mini-map of the local islands when you are in the island view.

    Ikariam x500 Payloads
    Add +500 buttons on views where you need to set resources payload.

    Island Linker
    For all messages in your in-game inbox, this script will convert all coordinates ( in x:y format ) and island names ( providing they are spelled correctly ) into links to island view for the island at those coordinates or name.

    Message Blocker
    This script allows you to "block" messages from annoying players. at present the messages are only hidden from view, not marked as read or deleted

    Quick Resource Linker
    A script which allows you to have a quick link to your islands luxury and lumber node from your resource display.

    RavenSquadTools (RST) Shortcuts
    This script improves the game's user interface by adding a few shortcuts

    Research Time Remaining
    The script reports the amount of time left to research a given item of research on the Research Advisor screen.

    Spy and Pillage Helper
    Add calculate ship amount to spy warehouse report.

    TNT Collection
    Provides numerous options for showing building, town and resource levels. Also adds shortcuts to mills and mines in the town resource list.

    Town Enhancer
    The script adds labels to buildings in your towns which can show the buildings name, its current level and if you have the resources in town to upgrade it.

    Town Planner
    This script allows you to re-position the buildings in your town.

    Vejida's Leecher Checker
    Provides a method for showing leechers using two possible rules.

    Vejida's Spy Checker
    This script will show you the chance of a spy getting caught in your hideout.

    Standalone Webpages
    These scripts should be able to function correctly with any browser and do not require any additional software.

    Flash Island Map
    A flash based world and island map of Ikariam.

    Ikariam Alliance AutoMap
    This is a tool for generating your alliance map on the whole Ikariam world, on any server.

    Ikariam Attack Calculator
    Calculates your attack by using your Combat Report information.

    Calculates growth, population, resources and times.

    Leecher Checker Tool
    An external tool that determines island leechers through your island donation list. - Tools and Statistics for Browsergames like OGame, Spaceinvasion or Ikariam.

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