Futures and total points

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  • Futures and total points

    I was wondering if the old future bug is fixed now. Do you get the benefits from the all levels (2 and higher) now, and do you also get the points added to your total score? Also does anyone know how many total points the upper level futures (lev 2 and higher) give you or where to find out this info?

    Thanks Eric
  • Ever since 3.0, the futures gave the BENEFITS listed (usually 2% reduction in costs) even past level 1.. the question if the SCORING has changed in 3.1

    In 3.0, a future Level 1 COMPLETED when 3.0 was live gave 2x the total score than what the other researches gave (.12 VP per RP instead of .06).. but the Level 2+ either ALL gave a flat rate of .03 VP/RP or it might have been just about 33k each! (no matter what level)

    I am interested if anyone has completed a future in 3.1 and determined how many point they have gotten for it.. What is "interesting" is that with the level 1 future giving 2x points and the level 2 giving 1/2x, there is no way to determine if the scoring hsa been "fixed" if one has all the level 1 and level 2 futures only! :) maybe someone who doesn't have all of these can determine if the scoring has changed at all.
  • I am about to finish my 4th Lvl 1 future in a week. So far I got 64k total score points for the first three, that I finished in 3.0. If I remember in a week, I will post here how many points I got for my post-3.1 Lvl1 future.
  • I finished a level 2 a couple days ago and got only 36k points so that has remained the same (science future is a little more than the 33k for others that AlleyCat quoted).